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* Enter and leave deep sleep state on MPC83xx
* Copyright (c) 2006-2008 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
* Author: Scott Wood <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published
* by the Free Software Foundation.
#include <asm/page.h>
#include <asm/ppc_asm.h>
#include <asm/reg.h>
#include <asm/asm-offsets.h>
#define SS_MEMSAVE 0x00 /* First 8 bytes of RAM */
#define SS_HID 0x08 /* 3 HIDs */
#define SS_IABR 0x14 /* 2 IABRs */
#define SS_IBCR 0x1c
#define SS_DABR 0x20 /* 2 DABRs */
#define SS_DBCR 0x28
#define SS_SP 0x2c
#define SS_SR 0x30 /* 16 segment registers */
#define SS_R2 0x70
#define SS_MSR 0x74
#define SS_SDR1 0x78
#define SS_LR 0x7c
#define SS_SPRG 0x80 /* 4 SPRGs */
#define SS_DBAT 0x90 /* 8 DBATs */
#define SS_IBAT 0xd0 /* 8 IBATs */
#define SS_TB 0x110
#define SS_CR 0x118
#define SS_GPREG 0x11c /* r12-r31 */
#define STATE_SAVE_SIZE 0x16c
.section .data
.align 5
.long 0
.section .text
.align 5
/* r3 = physical address of IMMR */
lis r4, immrbase@ha
stw r3, immrbase@l(r4)
/* The first 2 words of memory are used to communicate with the
* bootloader, to tell it how to resume.
* The first word is the magic number 0xf5153ae5, and the second
* is the pointer to mpc83xx_deep_resume.
* The original content of these two words is saved in SS_MEMSAVE.
lis r3, mpc83xx_sleep_save_area@h
ori r3, r3, mpc83xx_sleep_save_area@l
lis r4, KERNELBASE@h
lwz r5, 0(r4)
lwz r6, 4(r4)
stw r5, SS_MEMSAVE+0(r3)
stw r6, SS_MEMSAVE+4(r3)
mfspr r5, SPRN_HID0
mfspr r6, SPRN_HID1
mfspr r7, SPRN_HID2
stw r5, SS_HID+0(r3)
stw r6, SS_HID+4(r3)
stw r7, SS_HID+8(r3)
mfspr r4, SPRN_IABR
mfspr r5, SPRN_IABR2
mfspr r6, SPRN_IBCR
mfspr r7, SPRN_DABR
mfspr r8, SPRN_DABR2
mfspr r9, SPRN_DBCR
stw r4, SS_IABR+0(r3)
stw r5, SS_IABR+4(r3)
stw r6, SS_IBCR(r3)
stw r7, SS_DABR+0(r3)
stw r8, SS_DABR+4(r3)
stw r9, SS_DBCR(r3)
mfspr r4, SPRN_SPRG0
mfspr r5, SPRN_SPRG1
mfspr r6, SPRN_SPRG2
mfspr r7, SPRN_SPRG3
mfsdr1 r8
stw r4, SS_SPRG+0(r3)
stw r5, SS_SPRG+4(r3)
stw r6, SS_SPRG+8(r3)
stw r7, SS_SPRG+12(r3)
stw r8, SS_SDR1(r3)
mfspr r4, SPRN_DBAT0U
mfspr r5, SPRN_DBAT0L
mfspr r6, SPRN_DBAT1U
mfspr r7, SPRN_DBAT1L
stw r4, SS_DBAT+0x00(r3)
stw r5, SS_DBAT+0x04(r3)
stw r6, SS_DBAT+0x08(r3)
stw r7, SS_DBAT+0x0c(r3)
mfspr r4, SPRN_DBAT2U
mfspr r5, SPRN_DBAT2L
mfspr r6, SPRN_DBAT3U
mfspr r7, SPRN_DBAT3L
stw r4, SS_DBAT+0x10(r3)
stw r5, SS_DBAT+0x14(r3)
stw r6, SS_DBAT+0x18(r3)
stw r7, SS_DBAT+0x1c(r3)
mfspr r4, SPRN_DBAT4U
mfspr r5, SPRN_DBAT4L
mfspr r6, SPRN_DBAT5U
mfspr r7, SPRN_DBAT5L
stw r4, SS_DBAT+0x20(r3)
stw r5, SS_DBAT+0x24(r3)
stw r6, SS_DBAT+0x28(r3)
stw r7, SS_DBAT+0x2c(r3)
mfspr r4, SPRN_DBAT6U
mfspr r5, SPRN_DBAT6L
mfspr r6, SPRN_DBAT7U
mfspr r7, SPRN_DBAT7L
stw r4, SS_DBAT+0x30(r3)
stw r5, SS_DBAT+0x34(r3)
stw r6, SS_DBAT+0x38(r3)
stw r7, SS_DBAT+0x3c(r3)
mfspr r4, SPRN_IBAT0U
mfspr r5, SPRN_IBAT0L
mfspr r6, SPRN_IBAT1U
mfspr r7, SPRN_IBAT1L
stw r4, SS_IBAT+0x00(r3)
stw r5, SS_IBAT+0x04(r3)
stw r6, SS_IBAT+0x08(r3)
stw r7, SS_IBAT+0x0c(r3)
mfspr r4, SPRN_IBAT2U
mfspr r5, SPRN_IBAT2L
mfspr r6, SPRN_IBAT3U
mfspr r7, SPRN_IBAT3L
stw r4, SS_IBAT+0x10(r3)
stw r5, SS_IBAT+0x14(r3)
stw r6, SS_IBAT+0x18(r3)
stw r7, SS_IBAT+0x1c(r3)
mfspr r4, SPRN_IBAT4U
mfspr r5, SPRN_IBAT4L
mfspr r6, SPRN_IBAT5U
mfspr r7, SPRN_IBAT5L
stw r4, SS_IBAT+0x20(r3)
stw r5, SS_IBAT+0x24(r3)
stw r6, SS_IBAT+0x28(r3)
stw r7, SS_IBAT+0x2c(r3)
mfspr r4, SPRN_IBAT6U
mfspr r5, SPRN_IBAT6L
mfspr r6, SPRN_IBAT7U
mfspr r7, SPRN_IBAT7L
stw r4, SS_IBAT+0x30(r3)
stw r5, SS_IBAT+0x34(r3)
stw r6, SS_IBAT+0x38(r3)
stw r7, SS_IBAT+0x3c(r3)
mfmsr r4
mflr r5
mfcr r6
stw r4, SS_MSR(r3)
stw r5, SS_LR(r3)
stw r6, SS_CR(r3)
stw r1, SS_SP(r3)
stw r2, SS_R2(r3)
1: mftbu r4
mftb r5
mftbu r6
cmpw r4, r6
bne 1b
stw r4, SS_TB+0(r3)
stw r5, SS_TB+4(r3)
stmw r12, SS_GPREG(r3)
li r4, 0
addi r6, r3, SS_SR-4
1: mfsrin r5, r4
stwu r5, 4(r6)
addis r4, r4, 0x1000
cmpwi r4, 0
bne 1b
/* Disable machine checks and critical exceptions */
mfmsr r4
rlwinm r4, r4, 0, ~MSR_CE
rlwinm r4, r4, 0, ~MSR_ME
mtmsr r4
#define TMP_VIRT_IMMR 0xf0000000
#define DEFAULT_IMMR_VALUE 0xff400000
#define IMMRBAR_BASE 0x0000
lis r4, immrbase@ha
lwz r4, immrbase@l(r4)
/* Use DBAT0 to address the current IMMR space */
ori r4, r4, 0x002a
mtspr SPRN_DBAT0L, r4
lis r8, TMP_VIRT_IMMR@h
ori r4, r8, 0x001e /* 1 MByte accessible from Kernel Space only */
mtspr SPRN_DBAT0U, r4
/* Use DBAT1 to address the original IMMR space */
ori r4, r4, 0x002a
mtspr SPRN_DBAT1L, r4
lis r9, (TMP_VIRT_IMMR + 0x01000000)@h
ori r4, r9, 0x001e /* 1 MByte accessible from Kernel Space only */
mtspr SPRN_DBAT1U, r4
/* Use DBAT2 to address the beginning of RAM. This isn't done
* using the normal virtual mapping, because with page debugging
* enabled it will be read-only.
li r4, 0x0002
mtspr SPRN_DBAT2L, r4
lis r4, KERNELBASE@h
ori r4, r4, 0x001e /* 1 MByte accessible from Kernel Space only */
mtspr SPRN_DBAT2U, r4
/* Flush the cache with our BAT, as there will be TLB misses
* otherwise if page debugging is enabled, and these misses
* will disturb the PLRU algorithm.
bl __flush_disable_L1
/* Keep the i-cache enabled, so the hack below for low-boot
* flash will work.
mfspr r3, SPRN_HID0
ori r3, r3, HID0_ICE
mtspr SPRN_HID0, r3
lis r6, 0xf515
ori r6, r6, 0x3ae5
lis r7, mpc83xx_deep_resume@h
ori r7, r7, mpc83xx_deep_resume@l
tophys(r7, r7)
lis r5, KERNELBASE@h
stw r6, 0(r5)
stw r7, 4(r5)
/* Reset BARs */
li r4, 0
stw r4, 0x0024(r8)
stw r4, 0x002c(r8)
stw r4, 0x0034(r8)
stw r4, 0x003c(r8)
stw r4, 0x0064(r8)
stw r4, 0x006c(r8)
/* Rev 1 of the 8313 has problems with wakeup events that are
* pending during the transition to deep sleep state (such as if
* the PCI host sets the state to D3 and then D0 in rapid
* succession). This check shrinks the race window somewhat.
* See erratum PCI23, though the problem is not limited
* to PCI.
lwz r3, 0x0b04(r8)
andi. r3, r3, 1
bne- mpc83xx_deep_resume
/* Move IMMR back to the default location, following the
* procedure specified in the MPC8313 manual.
lwz r4, IMMRBAR_BASE(r8)
stw r4, IMMRBAR_BASE(r8)
lis r4, KERNELBASE@h
lwz r4, 0(r4)
lwz r4, IMMRBAR_BASE(r9)
mr r8, r9
/* Check the Reset Configuration Word to see whether flash needs
* to be mapped at a low address or a high address.
lwz r4, 0x0904(r8)
andis. r4, r4, 0x0400
li r4, 0
beq boot_low
lis r4, 0xff80
stw r4, 0x0020(r8)
lis r7, 0x8000
ori r7, r7, 0x0016
mfspr r5, SPRN_HID0
rlwinm r5, r5, 0, ~(HID0_DOZE | HID0_NAP)
oris r5, r5, HID0_SLEEP@h
mtspr SPRN_HID0, r5
mfmsr r5
oris r5, r5, MSR_POW@h
/* Enable the flash mapping at the appropriate address. This
* mapping will override the RAM mapping if booting low, so there's
* no need to disable the latter. This must be done inside the same
* cache line as setting MSR_POW, so that no instruction fetches
* from RAM happen after the flash mapping is turned on.
.align 5
stw r7, 0x0024(r8)
mtmsr r5
1: b 1b
lis r4, 1f@h
ori r4, r4, 1f@l
tophys(r4, r4)
mtsrr0 r4
mfmsr r4
rlwinm r4, r4, 0, ~(MSR_IR | MSR_DR)
mtsrr1 r4
1: tlbia
bl __inval_enable_L1
lis r3, mpc83xx_sleep_save_area@h
ori r3, r3, mpc83xx_sleep_save_area@l
tophys(r3, r3)
lwz r5, SS_MEMSAVE+0(r3)
lwz r6, SS_MEMSAVE+4(r3)
stw r5, 0(0)
stw r6, 4(0)
lwz r5, SS_HID+0(r3)
lwz r6, SS_HID+4(r3)
lwz r7, SS_HID+8(r3)
mtspr SPRN_HID0, r5
mtspr SPRN_HID1, r6
mtspr SPRN_HID2, r7
lwz r4, SS_IABR+0(r3)
lwz r5, SS_IABR+4(r3)
lwz r6, SS_IBCR(r3)
lwz r7, SS_DABR+0(r3)
lwz r8, SS_DABR+4(r3)
lwz r9, SS_DBCR(r3)
mtspr SPRN_IABR, r4
mtspr SPRN_IABR2, r5
mtspr SPRN_IBCR, r6
mtspr SPRN_DABR, r7
mtspr SPRN_DABR2, r8
mtspr SPRN_DBCR, r9
li r4, 0
addi r6, r3, SS_SR-4
1: lwzu r5, 4(r6)
mtsrin r5, r4
addis r4, r4, 0x1000
cmpwi r4, 0
bne 1b
lwz r4, SS_DBAT+0x00(r3)
lwz r5, SS_DBAT+0x04(r3)
lwz r6, SS_DBAT+0x08(r3)
lwz r7, SS_DBAT+0x0c(r3)
mtspr SPRN_DBAT0U, r4
mtspr SPRN_DBAT0L, r5
mtspr SPRN_DBAT1U, r6
mtspr SPRN_DBAT1L, r7
lwz r4, SS_DBAT+0x10(r3)
lwz r5, SS_DBAT+0x14(r3)
lwz r6, SS_DBAT+0x18(r3)
lwz r7, SS_DBAT+0x1c(r3)
mtspr SPRN_DBAT2U, r4
mtspr SPRN_DBAT2L, r5
mtspr SPRN_DBAT3U, r6
mtspr SPRN_DBAT3L, r7
lwz r4, SS_DBAT+0x20(r3)
lwz r5, SS_DBAT+0x24(r3)
lwz r6, SS_DBAT+0x28(r3)
lwz r7, SS_DBAT+0x2c(r3)
mtspr SPRN_DBAT4U, r4
mtspr SPRN_DBAT4L, r5
mtspr SPRN_DBAT5U, r6
mtspr SPRN_DBAT5L, r7
lwz r4, SS_DBAT+0x30(r3)
lwz r5, SS_DBAT+0x34(r3)
lwz r6, SS_DBAT+0x38(r3)
lwz r7, SS_DBAT+0x3c(r3)
mtspr SPRN_DBAT6U, r4
mtspr SPRN_DBAT6L, r5
mtspr SPRN_DBAT7U, r6
mtspr SPRN_DBAT7L, r7
lwz r4, SS_IBAT+0x00(r3)
lwz r5, SS_IBAT+0x04(r3)
lwz r6, SS_IBAT+0x08(r3)
lwz r7, SS_IBAT+0x0c(r3)
mtspr SPRN_IBAT0U, r4
mtspr SPRN_IBAT0L, r5
mtspr SPRN_IBAT1U, r6
mtspr SPRN_IBAT1L, r7
lwz r4, SS_IBAT+0x10(r3)
lwz r5, SS_IBAT+0x14(r3)
lwz r6, SS_IBAT+0x18(r3)
lwz r7, SS_IBAT+0x1c(r3)
mtspr SPRN_IBAT2U, r4
mtspr SPRN_IBAT2L, r5
mtspr SPRN_IBAT3U, r6
mtspr SPRN_IBAT3L, r7
lwz r4, SS_IBAT+0x20(r3)
lwz r5, SS_IBAT+0x24(r3)
lwz r6, SS_IBAT+0x28(r3)
lwz r7, SS_IBAT+0x2c(r3)
mtspr SPRN_IBAT4U, r4
mtspr SPRN_IBAT4L, r5
mtspr SPRN_IBAT5U, r6
mtspr SPRN_IBAT5L, r7
lwz r4, SS_IBAT+0x30(r3)
lwz r5, SS_IBAT+0x34(r3)
lwz r6, SS_IBAT+0x38(r3)
lwz r7, SS_IBAT+0x3c(r3)
mtspr SPRN_IBAT6U, r4
mtspr SPRN_IBAT6L, r5
mtspr SPRN_IBAT7U, r6
mtspr SPRN_IBAT7L, r7
lwz r4, SS_SPRG+0(r3)
lwz r5, SS_SPRG+4(r3)
lwz r6, SS_SPRG+8(r3)
lwz r7, SS_SPRG+12(r3)
lwz r8, SS_SDR1(r3)
mtspr SPRN_SPRG0, r4
mtspr SPRN_SPRG1, r5
mtspr SPRN_SPRG2, r6
mtspr SPRN_SPRG3, r7
mtsdr1 r8
lwz r4, SS_MSR(r3)
lwz r5, SS_LR(r3)
lwz r6, SS_CR(r3)
lwz r1, SS_SP(r3)
lwz r2, SS_R2(r3)
mtsrr1 r4
mtsrr0 r5
mtcr r6
li r4, 0
mtspr SPRN_TBWL, r4
lwz r4, SS_TB+0(r3)
lwz r5, SS_TB+4(r3)
mtspr SPRN_TBWU, r4
mtspr SPRN_TBWL, r5
lmw r12, SS_GPREG(r3)
/* Kick decrementer */
li r0, 1
mtdec r0