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Pull MIPS fixes from Ralf Baechle:
 "A fair number of 4.2 fixes also because Markos opened the flood gates.

   - Patch up the math used calculate the location for the page bitmap.

   - The FDC (Not what you think, FDC stands for Fast Debug Channel) IRQ
     around was causing issues on non-Malta platforms, so move the code
     to a Malta specific location.

   - A spelling fix replicated through several files.

   - Fix to the emulation of an R2 instruction for R6 cores.

   - Fix the JR emulation for R6.

   - Further patching of mindless 64 bit issues.

   - Ensure the kernel won't crash on CPUs with L2 caches with >= 8

   - Use compat_sys_getsockopt for O32 ABI on 64 bit kernels.

   - Fix cache flushing for multithreaded cores.

   - A build fix"

* 'upstream' of git://
  MIPS: O32: Use compat_sys_getsockopt.
  MIPS: c-r4k: Extend way_string array
  MIPS: Pistachio: Support CDMM & Fast Debug Channel
  MIPS: Malta: Make GIC FDC IRQ workaround Malta specific
  MIPS: c-r4k: Fix cache flushing for MT cores
  Revert "MIPS: Kconfig: Disable SMP/CPS for 64-bit"
  MIPS: cps-vec: Use macros for various arithmetics and memory operations
  MIPS: kernel: cps-vec: Replace KSEG0 with CKSEG0
  MIPS: kernel: cps-vec: Use ta0-ta3 pseudo-registers for 64-bit
  MIPS: kernel: cps-vec: Replace mips32r2 ISA level with mips64r2
  MIPS: kernel: cps-vec: Replace 'la' macro with PTR_LA
  MIPS: kernel: smp-cps: Fix 64-bit compatibility errors due to pointer casting
  MIPS: Fix erroneous JR emulation for MIPS R6
  MIPS: Fix branch emulation for BLTC and BGEC instructions
  MIPS: kernel: traps: Fix broken indentation
  MIPS: bootmem: Don't use memory holes for page bitmap
  MIPS: O32: Do not handle require 32 bytes from the stack to be readable.
  MIPS, CPUFREQ: Fix spelling of Institute.
  MIPS: Lemote 2F: Fix build caused by recent mass rename.