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* IBM Power Virtual Ethernet Device Driver
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, see <>.
* Copyright (C) IBM Corporation, 2003, 2010
* Authors: Dave Larson <>
* Santiago Leon <>
* Brian King <>
* Robert Jennings <>
* Anton Blanchard <>
#ifndef _IBMVETH_H
#define _IBMVETH_H
/* constants for H_MULTICAST_CTRL */
#define IbmVethMcastReceptionModifyBit 0x80000UL
#define IbmVethMcastReceptionEnableBit 0x20000UL
#define IbmVethMcastFilterModifyBit 0x40000UL
#define IbmVethMcastFilterEnableBit 0x10000UL
#define IbmVethMcastEnableRecv (IbmVethMcastReceptionModifyBit | IbmVethMcastReceptionEnableBit)
#define IbmVethMcastDisableRecv (IbmVethMcastReceptionModifyBit)
#define IbmVethMcastEnableFiltering (IbmVethMcastFilterModifyBit | IbmVethMcastFilterEnableBit)
#define IbmVethMcastDisableFiltering (IbmVethMcastFilterModifyBit)
#define IbmVethMcastAddFilter 0x1UL
#define IbmVethMcastRemoveFilter 0x2UL
#define IbmVethMcastClearFilterTable 0x3UL
#define IBMVETH_ILLAN_LRG_SR_ENABLED 0x0000000000010000UL
#define IBMVETH_ILLAN_LRG_SND_SUPPORT 0x0000000000008000UL
#define IBMVETH_ILLAN_PADDED_PKT_CSUM 0x0000000000002000UL
#define IBMVETH_ILLAN_TRUNK_PRI_MASK 0x0000000000000F00UL
#define IBMVETH_ILLAN_IPV6_TCP_CSUM 0x0000000000000004UL
#define IBMVETH_ILLAN_IPV4_TCP_CSUM 0x0000000000000002UL
#define IBMVETH_ILLAN_ACTIVE_TRUNK 0x0000000000000001UL
/* hcall macros */
#define h_register_logical_lan(ua, buflst, rxq, fltlst, mac) \
plpar_hcall_norets(H_REGISTER_LOGICAL_LAN, ua, buflst, rxq, fltlst, mac)
#define h_free_logical_lan(ua) \
plpar_hcall_norets(H_FREE_LOGICAL_LAN, ua)
#define h_add_logical_lan_buffer(ua, buf) \
plpar_hcall_norets(H_ADD_LOGICAL_LAN_BUFFER, ua, buf)
static inline long h_send_logical_lan(unsigned long unit_address,
unsigned long desc1, unsigned long desc2, unsigned long desc3,
unsigned long desc4, unsigned long desc5, unsigned long desc6,
unsigned long corellator_in, unsigned long *corellator_out,
unsigned long mss, unsigned long large_send_support)
long rc;
unsigned long retbuf[PLPAR_HCALL9_BUFSIZE];
if (large_send_support)
rc = plpar_hcall9(H_SEND_LOGICAL_LAN, retbuf, unit_address,
desc1, desc2, desc3, desc4, desc5, desc6,
corellator_in, mss);
rc = plpar_hcall9(H_SEND_LOGICAL_LAN, retbuf, unit_address,
desc1, desc2, desc3, desc4, desc5, desc6,
*corellator_out = retbuf[0];
return rc;
static inline long h_illan_attributes(unsigned long unit_address,
unsigned long reset_mask, unsigned long set_mask,
unsigned long *ret_attributes)
long rc;
unsigned long retbuf[PLPAR_HCALL_BUFSIZE];
rc = plpar_hcall(H_ILLAN_ATTRIBUTES, retbuf, unit_address,
reset_mask, set_mask);
*ret_attributes = retbuf[0];
return rc;
#define h_multicast_ctrl(ua, cmd, mac) \
plpar_hcall_norets(H_MULTICAST_CTRL, ua, cmd, mac)
#define h_change_logical_lan_mac(ua, mac) \
plpar_hcall_norets(H_CHANGE_LOGICAL_LAN_MAC, ua, mac)
#define IBMVETH_IO_ENTITLEMENT_DEFAULT 4243456 /* MTU of 1500 needs 4.2Mb */
#define IBMVETH_BUFF_OH 22 /* Overhead: 14 ethernet header + 8 opaque handle */
#define IBMVETH_MIN_MTU 68
#define IBMVETH_MAX_BUF_SIZE (1024 * 128)
static int pool_size[] = { 512, 1024 * 2, 1024 * 16, 1024 * 32, 1024 * 64 };
static int pool_count[] = { 256, 512, 256, 256, 256 };
static int pool_count_cmo[] = { 256, 512, 256, 256, 64 };
static int pool_active[] = { 1, 1, 0, 0, 1};
#define IBM_VETH_INVALID_MAP ((u16)0xffff)
struct ibmveth_buff_pool {
u32 size;
u32 index;
u32 buff_size;
u32 threshold;
atomic_t available;
u32 consumer_index;
u32 producer_index;
u16 *free_map;
dma_addr_t *dma_addr;
struct sk_buff **skbuff;
int active;
struct kobject kobj;
struct ibmveth_rx_q {
u64 index;
u64 num_slots;
u64 toggle;
dma_addr_t queue_dma;
u32 queue_len;
struct ibmveth_rx_q_entry *queue_addr;
struct ibmveth_adapter {
struct vio_dev *vdev;
struct net_device *netdev;
struct napi_struct napi;
unsigned int mcastFilterSize;
void * buffer_list_addr;
void * filter_list_addr;
dma_addr_t buffer_list_dma;
dma_addr_t filter_list_dma;
struct ibmveth_buff_pool rx_buff_pool[IBMVETH_NUM_BUFF_POOLS];
struct ibmveth_rx_q rx_queue;
int pool_config;
int rx_csum;
int large_send;
bool is_active_trunk;
void *bounce_buffer;
dma_addr_t bounce_buffer_dma;
u64 fw_ipv6_csum_support;
u64 fw_ipv4_csum_support;
u64 fw_large_send_support;
/* adapter specific stats */
u64 replenish_task_cycles;
u64 replenish_no_mem;
u64 replenish_add_buff_failure;
u64 replenish_add_buff_success;
u64 rx_invalid_buffer;
u64 rx_no_buffer;
u64 tx_map_failed;
u64 tx_send_failed;
u64 tx_large_packets;
u64 rx_large_packets;
* We pass struct ibmveth_buf_desc_fields to the hypervisor in registers,
* so we don't need to byteswap the two elements. However since we use
* a union (ibmveth_buf_desc) to convert from the struct to a u64 we
* do end up with endian specific ordering of the elements and that
* needs correcting.
struct ibmveth_buf_desc_fields {
#ifdef __BIG_ENDIAN
u32 flags_len;
u32 address;
u32 address;
u32 flags_len;
#define IBMVETH_BUF_VALID 0x80000000
#define IBMVETH_BUF_TOGGLE 0x40000000
#define IBMVETH_BUF_LRG_SND 0x04000000
#define IBMVETH_BUF_NO_CSUM 0x02000000
#define IBMVETH_BUF_CSUM_GOOD 0x01000000
union ibmveth_buf_desc {
u64 desc;
struct ibmveth_buf_desc_fields fields;
struct ibmveth_rx_q_entry {
__be32 flags_off;
#define IBMVETH_RXQ_TOGGLE 0x80000000
#define IBMVETH_RXQ_VALID 0x40000000
#define IBMVETH_RXQ_LRG_PKT 0x04000000
#define IBMVETH_RXQ_NO_CSUM 0x02000000
#define IBMVETH_RXQ_CSUM_GOOD 0x01000000
__be32 length;
/* correlator is only used by the OS, no need to byte swap */
u64 correlator;
#endif /* _IBMVETH_H */