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/* $Id: capilli.h,v 2004/01/16 21:09:27 keil Exp $
* Kernel CAPI 2.0 Driver Interface for Linux
* Copyright 1999 by Carsten Paeth <>
* This software may be used and distributed according to the terms
* of the GNU General Public License, incorporated herein by reference.
#ifndef __CAPILLI_H__
#define __CAPILLI_H__
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/capi.h>
#include <linux/kernelcapi.h>
typedef struct capiloaddatapart {
int user; /* data in userspace ? */
int len;
unsigned char *data;
} capiloaddatapart;
typedef struct capiloaddata {
capiloaddatapart firmware;
capiloaddatapart configuration;
} capiloaddata;
typedef struct capicardparams {
unsigned int port;
unsigned irq;
int cardtype;
int cardnr;
unsigned int membase;
} capicardparams;
struct capi_ctr {
/* filled in before calling attach_capi_ctr */
struct module *owner;
void *driverdata; /* driver specific */
char name[32]; /* name of controller */
char *driver_name; /* name of driver */
int (*load_firmware)(struct capi_ctr *, capiloaddata *);
void (*reset_ctr)(struct capi_ctr *);
void (*register_appl)(struct capi_ctr *, u16 appl,
capi_register_params *);
void (*release_appl)(struct capi_ctr *, u16 appl);
u16 (*send_message)(struct capi_ctr *, struct sk_buff *skb);
char *(*procinfo)(struct capi_ctr *);
int (*ctr_read_proc)(char *page, char **start, off_t off,
int count, int *eof, struct capi_ctr *card);
/* filled in before calling ready callback */
capi_version version; /* CAPI_GET_VERSION */
capi_profile profile; /* CAPI_GET_PROFILE */
/* management information for kcapi */
unsigned long nrecvctlpkt;
unsigned long nrecvdatapkt;
unsigned long nsentctlpkt;
unsigned long nsentdatapkt;
int cnr; /* controller number */
volatile unsigned short cardstate; /* controller state */
volatile int blocked; /* output blocked */
int traceflag; /* capi trace */
struct proc_dir_entry *procent;
char procfn[128];
int attach_capi_ctr(struct capi_ctr *);
int detach_capi_ctr(struct capi_ctr *);
void capi_ctr_ready(struct capi_ctr * card);
void capi_ctr_reseted(struct capi_ctr * card);
void capi_ctr_suspend_output(struct capi_ctr * card);
void capi_ctr_resume_output(struct capi_ctr * card);
void capi_ctr_handle_message(struct capi_ctr * card, u16 appl, struct sk_buff *skb);
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
// needed for AVM capi drivers
struct capi_driver {
char name[32]; /* driver name */
char revision[32];
int (*add_card)(struct capi_driver *driver, capicardparams *data);
/* management information for kcapi */
struct list_head list;
void register_capi_driver(struct capi_driver *driver);
void unregister_capi_driver(struct capi_driver *driver);
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
// library functions for use by hardware controller drivers
void capilib_new_ncci(struct list_head *head, u16 applid, u32 ncci, u32 winsize);
void capilib_free_ncci(struct list_head *head, u16 applid, u32 ncci);
void capilib_release_appl(struct list_head *head, u16 applid);
void capilib_release(struct list_head *head);
void capilib_data_b3_conf(struct list_head *head, u16 applid, u32 ncci, u16 msgid);
u16 capilib_data_b3_req(struct list_head *head, u16 applid, u32 ncci, u16 msgid);
#endif /* __CAPILLI_H__ */