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#ifndef LINUX_MSI_H
#define LINUX_MSI_H
#include <linux/list.h>
struct msi_msg {
u32 address_lo; /* low 32 bits of msi message address */
u32 address_hi; /* high 32 bits of msi message address */
u32 data; /* 16 bits of msi message data */
/* Helper functions */
struct irq_desc;
extern void mask_msi_irq(unsigned int irq);
extern void unmask_msi_irq(unsigned int irq);
extern void read_msi_msg_desc(struct irq_desc *desc, struct msi_msg *msg);
extern void write_msi_msg_desc(struct irq_desc *desc, struct msi_msg *msg);
extern void read_msi_msg(unsigned int irq, struct msi_msg *msg);
extern void write_msi_msg(unsigned int irq, struct msi_msg *msg);
struct msi_desc {
struct {
__u8 is_msix : 1;
__u8 multiple: 3; /* log2 number of messages */
__u8 maskbit : 1; /* mask-pending bit supported ? */
__u8 is_64 : 1; /* Address size: 0=32bit 1=64bit */
__u8 pos; /* Location of the msi capability */
__u16 entry_nr; /* specific enabled entry */
unsigned default_irq; /* default pre-assigned irq */
} msi_attrib;
u32 masked; /* mask bits */
unsigned int irq;
struct list_head list;
union {
void __iomem *mask_base;
u8 mask_pos;
struct pci_dev *dev;
/* Last set MSI message */
struct msi_msg msg;
* The arch hook for setup up msi irqs
int arch_setup_msi_irq(struct pci_dev *dev, struct msi_desc *desc);
void arch_teardown_msi_irq(unsigned int irq);
extern int arch_setup_msi_irqs(struct pci_dev *dev, int nvec, int type);
extern void arch_teardown_msi_irqs(struct pci_dev *dev);
extern int arch_msi_check_device(struct pci_dev* dev, int nvec, int type);
#endif /* LINUX_MSI_H */