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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# This bot automatically recognizes when patchwork-tracked patches
# are applied to git repositories and marks them as "Accepted." It can
# additionally send mail notifications to the maintainers and to the
# patch submitters.
# It runs from a cronjob, but can be also run from post-update hooks with
# extra wrappers. For more details, consult:
__author__ = 'Konstantin Ryabitsev <>'
import os
import sys
import argparse
import smtplib
import subprocess
import sqlite3
import logging
import hashlib
import re
import requests
import datetime
import ruamel.yaml # noqa
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
from email.header import Header
from email.utils import formatdate, getaddresses, make_msgid
from fcntl import lockf, LOCK_EX, LOCK_NB
from requests.adapters import HTTPAdapter
from requests.packages.urllib3.util.retry import Retry
from string import Template
from typing import Optional, Tuple, Union, Dict, List, Set
# Send all email 8-bit, this is not 1999
from email import charset
charset.add_charset('utf-8', charset.SHORTEST)
__VERSION__ = '2.0'
LORE_RE = re.compile(r'^\s*Link:\s+\S+://(?:lore|lkml)\.kernel\.org\S*/([^@]+@[^@\s/]+)$', flags=re.M | re.I)
HUNK_RE = re.compile(r'^@@ -\d+(?:,(\d+))? \+\d+(?:,(\d+))? @@')
FILENAME_RE = re.compile(r'^(---|\+\+\+) (\S+)')
NOMAIL = False
DRYRUN = False
MAILHOST = 'localhost'
CACHEDIR = os.path.expanduser('~/.cache/git-patchwork-bot')
_project_cache = dict()
_server_cache = dict()
_rev_cache = dict()
logger = logging.getLogger('gitpwcron')
class Restmaker:
server: str
url: str
series_url: str
patches_url: str
projects_url: str
session: requests.Session
_patches: Dict[int, Optional[dict]]
def __init__(self, server: str) -> None:
self.server = server
self.url = '/'.join((server.rstrip('/'), 'api', REST_API_VERSION))
self.series_url = '/'.join((self.url, 'series'))
self.patches_url = '/'.join((self.url, 'patches'))
self.covers_url = '/'.join((self.url, 'covers'))
self.projects_url = '/'.join((self.url, 'projects'))
# Simple local cache
self._patches = dict()
self.session = requests.session()
retry = Retry(connect=3, backoff_factor=0.5)
adapter = HTTPAdapter(max_retries=retry)
self.session.mount('http://', adapter)
self.session.mount('https://', adapter)
headers = {
'User-Agent': f'git-patchwork-bot/{__VERSION__}',
apitoken = CONFIG['patchworks'][server].get('apitoken', None)
if not apitoken:
logger.critical('We require an apitoken for anything to work')
headers['Authorization'] = f'Token {apitoken}'
def get_unpaginated(self, url: str, params: list) -> List[dict]:
# Caller should catch RequestException
page = 0
results = list()
params.append(('per_page', REST_PER_PAGE))
_page_params = list(params)
while True:
page += 1
logger.debug('Processing page %s', page)
_params = list(params) + [('page', page)]
logger.debug('Performing query: url=%s, params=%s', url, _params)
rsp = self.session.get(url, params=_params, stream=False)
pagedata = rsp.json()
if not pagedata:
if len(pagedata) < REST_PER_PAGE:
return results
def get_cover(self, cover_id: int) -> dict:
logger.debug('Grabbing cover %d', cover_id)
url = '/'.join((self.covers_url, str(cover_id), ''))
logger.debug('url=%s', url)
rsp = self.session.get(url, stream=False)
return rsp.json()
except requests.exceptions.RequestException as ex:'REST error: %s', ex)
raise KeyError('Not able to get cover %s', cover_id)
def get_patch(self, patch_id: int) -> dict:
if patch_id not in self._patches:
logger.debug('Grabbing patch %d', patch_id)
url = '/'.join((self.patches_url, str(patch_id), ''))
logger.debug('url=%s', url)
rsp = self.session.get(url, stream=False)
self._patches[patch_id] = rsp.json()
except requests.exceptions.RequestException as ex:'REST error: %s', ex)
self._patches[patch_id] = None
raise KeyError('Not able to get patch_id %s', patch_id)
return self._patches[patch_id]
def get_series(self, series_id: int) -> dict:
logger.debug('Grabbing series %d', series_id)
url = '/'.join((self.series_url, str(series_id), ''))
logger.debug('url=%s', url)
rsp = self.session.get(url, stream=False)
return rsp.json()
except requests.exceptions.RequestException as ex:'REST error: %s', ex)
raise KeyError('Not able to get series %s', series_id)
def get_patches_list(self, params: list, unpaginated: bool = True) -> List[dict]:
if unpaginated:
return self.get_unpaginated(self.patches_url, params)
rsp = self.session.get(self.patches_url, params=params, stream=False)
return rsp.json()
except requests.exceptions.RequestException as ex:'REST error: %s', ex)
return list()
def get_series_list(self, params: list, unpaginated: bool = True) -> List[dict]:
if unpaginated:
return self.get_unpaginated(self.series_url, params)
rsp = self.session.get(self.series_url, params=params, stream=False)
return rsp.json()
except requests.exceptions.RequestException as ex:'REST error: %s', ex)
return list()
def get_projects_list(self, params: list) -> list:
return self.get_unpaginated(self.projects_url, params)
except requests.exceptions.RequestException as ex:'REST error: %s', ex)
return list()
def update_patch(self, patch_id: int, state: Optional[str] = None, archived: bool = False,
commit_ref: Optional[str] = None) -> list:
# Clear it out of the cache
if patch_id in self._patches:
del self._patches[patch_id]
logger.debug('Updating patch %d:', patch_id)
url = '/'.join((self.patches_url, str(patch_id), ''))
logger.debug('url=%s', url)
data = list()
if state is not None:
logger.debug(' state=%s', state)
data.append(('state', state))
if archived:
logger.debug(' archived=True')
data.append(('archived', True))
if commit_ref is not None:
logger.debug(' commit_ref=%s', commit_ref)
data.append(('commit_ref', commit_ref))
rsp = self.session.patch(url, data=data, stream=False)
except requests.exceptions.RequestException as ex:'REST error: %s', ex)
raise RuntimeError('Unable to update patch %s', patch_id)
return rsp.json()
def get_patchwork_patches_by_project_hash(rm: Restmaker, project: int, pwhash: str) -> List[int]:
logger.debug('Looking up hash=%s', pwhash)
params = [
('project', project),
('archived', 'false'),
('hash', pwhash),
patches = rm.get_patches_list(params)
if not patches:
logger.debug('No match for hash=%s', pwhash)
return list()
return [patch['id'] for patch in patches]
def get_patchwork_patches_by_project_msgid(rm: Restmaker, project: int, msgid: str) -> List[int]:
logger.debug('Looking up msgid=%s', msgid)
params = [
('project', project),
('archived', 'false'),
('msgid', msgid),
patches = rm.get_patches_list(params)
if not patches:
logger.debug('No match for msgid=%s', msgid)
return list()
return [patch['id'] for patch in patches]
def get_patchwork_pull_requests_by_project(rm: Restmaker, project: int, fromstate: List[str]) -> Set[Tuple]:
params = [
('project', project),
('archived', 'false'),
('state', fromstate),
('order', '-date'),
('q', 'PULL'),
prs = set()
results = rm.get_patches_list(params)
if not results:
return prs
for entry in results:
pull_url = entry.get('pull_url')
if pull_url:
patch_id = entry.get('id')'Found pull request: %s (%s)', pull_url, patch_id)
chunks = pull_url.split()
pull_host = chunks[0]
if len(chunks) > 1:
pull_refname = chunks[1]
pull_refname = 'master'
prs.add((pull_host, pull_refname, patch_id))
return prs
def project_by_name(pname: str) -> Tuple:
global _project_cache
global _server_cache
if not pname:
raise KeyError('Must specify project name')
if pname not in _project_cache:
# Find patchwork definition containing this project
server = None
pconfig = None
for defurl in CONFIG['patchworks']:
if pname in CONFIG['patchworks'][defurl]['projects']:
server = defurl
pconfig = CONFIG['patchworks'][defurl]['projects'][pname]
if not server:
logger.critical('Could not find project matching %s in config', pname)
if server not in _server_cache:
rm = Restmaker(server)
_project_cache[server] = dict()
params = list()
plist = rm.get_projects_list(params)
if not plist:'Unable to get project list on %s', server)
_server_cache[server] = (rm, plist)
rm, plist = _server_cache[server]
found = False
for project in plist:
if project['link_name'].lower().startswith(pname.lower()):
logger.debug('project lookup: linkname=%s, server=%s, id=%d', pname, server, project['id'])
_project_cache[pname] = (project, rm, pconfig)
found = True
if not found:'Could not find project matching %s on server %s', pname, server)
raise KeyError(f'No match for project {pname} on server {server}')
return _project_cache[pname]
def db_save_meta(c: sqlite3.Cursor) -> None:
c.execute('DELETE FROM meta')
c.execute('''INSERT INTO meta VALUES(?)''', (DB_VERSION,))
def db_save_repo_heads(c: sqlite3.Cursor, heads: list) -> None:
c.execute('DELETE FROM heads')
for refname, commit_id in heads:
c.execute('''INSERT INTO heads VALUES(?,?)''', (refname, commit_id))
def db_get_repo_heads(c: sqlite3.Cursor) -> List[Tuple]:
return c.execute('SELECT refname, commit_id FROM heads').fetchall()
def db_init_common_sqlite_db(c: sqlite3.Cursor) -> None:
version INTEGER
def db_init_pw_sqlite_db(c: sqlite3.Cursor) -> None:'Initializing new sqlite3 db with metadata version %s', DB_VERSION)
refname TEXT,
commit_id TEXT
def git_get_command_lines(gitdir: str, args: List[str]) -> list:
out = git_run_command(gitdir, args)
lines = list()
if out:
for line in out.split('\n'):
if line == '':
return lines
def git_run_command(gitdir: str, args: List[str], stdin: Optional[str] = None) -> str:
args = ['git', '--no-pager', '--git-dir', gitdir] + args
logger.debug('Running %s' % ' '.join(args))
if stdin is None:
(output, error) = subprocess.Popen(args, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE).communicate()
pp = subprocess.Popen(args, stdin=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)
(output, error) = pp.communicate(input=stdin.encode('utf-8'))
output = output.strip().decode('utf-8', errors='replace')
if len(error.strip()):
logger.debug('Stderr: %s', error.decode('utf-8', errors='replace'))
return output
def git_get_repo_heads(gitdir: str, branch: str, ancestry: Optional[str] = None) -> List[Tuple[str, str]]:
refs = list()
lines = git_get_command_lines(gitdir, ['show-ref', branch])
if ancestry is None:
ancestry = ''
ancestry = f'~{ancestry}'
if lines is not None:
for line in lines:
(commit_id, refname) = line.split()
refs.append((refname, commit_id + ancestry))
return refs
def git_get_new_revs(gitdir: str, db_heads: List[Tuple[str, str]], git_heads: List[Tuple[str, str]],
committers: List[str], merges: bool = False) -> Dict[str, list]:
newrevs = dict()
if committers:
logger.debug('filtering by committers=%s', committers)
for db_refrow in list(db_heads):
if db_refrow in git_heads:
logger.debug('No changes in %s', db_refrow[0])
(refname, db_commit_id) = db_refrow
# Find a matching one in git
git_commit_id = None
for git_refrow in git_heads:
if git_refrow[0] == refname:
git_commit_id = git_refrow[1]
if git_commit_id is None:
# Looks like this head is gone from git
if db_commit_id == git_commit_id:
# No changes in this head
rev_range = '%s..%s' % (db_commit_id, git_commit_id)
args = ['log', '--pretty=%H:%cn:%ce:%s', '--reverse']
if not merges:
args += ['--no-merges']
args += [rev_range, refname]
lines = git_get_command_lines(gitdir, args)
if not lines:
revs = list()
for line in lines:
(commit_id, cn, ce, logmsg) = line.split(':', 3)
if committers and ce not in committers:
logger.debug('Skipping %s, ce=%s', commit_id, ce)
if len(cn):
committer = '%s <%s>' % (cn, ce)
committer = ce
logger.debug('commit_id=%s, committer=%s, subject=%s', commit_id, committer, logmsg)
revs.append((commit_id, logmsg, committer))
if revs:
newrevs[refname] = revs
return newrevs
def git_get_rev_info(gitdir: str, rev: str) -> str:
args = ['show', rev]
return git_run_command(gitdir, args)
def git_get_patch_id(diff: str) -> Optional[str]:
args = ['patch-id', '--stable']
out = git_run_command('', args, stdin=diff)
logger.debug('out=%s', out)
if not out:
return None
return out.split()[0]
def get_patchwork_hash(diff: str) -> str:
"""Generate a hash from a diff. Lifted near verbatim from patchwork."""
# normalise spaces
diff = diff.replace('\r', '')
diff = diff.strip() + '\n'
prefixes = ['-', '+', ' ']
hashed = hashlib.sha1()
inpatch = False
for line in diff.split('\n'):
if len(line) <= 0:
# Ignore any content before "^diff "
if not inpatch and not line.startswith('diff '):
inpatch = True
hunk_match = HUNK_RE.match(line)
filename_match = FILENAME_RE.match(line)
if filename_match:
# normalise -p1 top-directories
if == '---':
filename = 'a/'
filename = 'b/'
filename += '/'.join('/')[1:])
line = + ' ' + filename
elif hunk_match:
# remove line numbers, but leave line counts
def fn(x):
if not x:
return 1
return int(x)
line_nos = list(map(fn, hunk_match.groups()))
line = '@@ -%d +%d @@' % tuple(line_nos)
elif line[0] in prefixes:
# if we have a +, - or context line, leave as-is
# other lines are ignored
hashed.update((line + '\n').encode('utf-8'))
return hashed.hexdigest()
def listify(obj: Union[str, list, None]) -> list:
if isinstance(obj, list):
return list(obj)
return [obj]
def send_summary(serieslist: List[dict], committers: Dict[int, str], to_state: str, refname: str, revs: Dict[int, str],
pname: str, rs: Dict[str, str], hs: Dict[str, str]) -> str:'Preparing summary')
# we send summaries by project, so the project name is going to be all the same
count = 0
summary = list()
for sdata in serieslist:
count += 1
logger.debug('Summarizing: %s', sdata.get('name'))
# If we have a cover letter, then the reference is the msgid of the cover letter,
# else the reference is the msgid of the first patch
patches = sdata.get('patches')
submitter = sdata.get('submitter')
if len(patches) == 1:
summary.append('Patch: %s' % sdata.get('name'))
summary.append('Series: %s' % sdata.get('name'))
summary.append(' Submitter: %s <%s>' % (submitter.get('name'), submitter.get('email')))
pid = patches[0].get('id')
if pid in committers:
summary.append(' Committer: %s' % committers[pid])
summary.append(' Patchwork: %s' % sdata.get('web_url'))
if sdata.get('cover_letter'):
msgid = sdata.get('cover_letter').get('msgid').strip('<>')
msgid = patches[0].get('msgid').strip('<>')
link = '' % msgid
summary.append(' Lore link: %s' % link)
if len(patches) > 1:
summary.append(' Patches: %s' % patches[0].get('name'))
for patch in patches[1:]:
pid = patch.get('id')
if pid in revs:
count += 1
summary.append(' %s' % patch.get('name'))
bodytpt = Template(CONFIG['templates']['summary'])
params = {
'newstate': to_state,
'treename': rs['treename'],
'refname': refname.replace('refs/heads/', '', 1),
'summary': '\n'.join(summary),
'total': count,
'signature': CONFIG['templates']['signature'],
body = bodytpt.safe_substitute(params)
project, rm, pconfig = project_by_name(pname)
tweaks = get_tweaks(pconfig, hs)
msg = MIMEText(body, _charset='utf-8')
msg.replace_header('Content-Transfer-Encoding', '8bit')
msg['Subject'] = Header('Patchwork summary for: %s' % pname)
msg['From'] = Header(tweaks['from'])
msg['Message-Id'] = make_msgid('git-patchwork-summary', domain=DOMAIN)
msg['Date'] = formatdate(localtime=True)
targets = listify(tweaks['summaryto'])
msg['To'] = Header(', '.join(targets))
if 'alwayscc' in tweaks:
msg['Cc'] = Header(', '.join(listify(tweaks['alwayscc'])))
if 'alwaysbcc' in tweaks:
if not NOMAIL:
logger.debug('Message follows')
logger.debug(msg.as_string())'Sending summary to: %s', msg['To'])
smtp = smtplib.SMTP(MAILHOST)
smtp.sendmail(tweaks['from'], targets, msg.as_bytes())
else:'Would have sent the following:')'------------------------------')'------------------------------')
return str(msg['Message-Id'])
def get_tweaks(pconfig: Dict[str, str], hconfig: Dict[str, str]) -> Dict[str, str]:
fields = ['from', 'summaryto', 'onlyto', 'neverto', 'onlyifcc', 'neverifcc',
'alwayscc', 'alwaysbcc', 'cclist', 'ccall']
bubbled = dict()
for field in fields:
if field in hconfig:
bubbled[field] = hconfig[field]
if field in pconfig:
bubbled[field] = pconfig[field]
return bubbled
def notify_submitters(serieslist: List[dict], committers: Dict[int, str], refname: str,
revs: Dict[int, str], pname: str, rs: Dict[str, Union[str, list, dict]],
hs: Dict[str, Union[str, list, dict]]) -> None:'Sending submitter notifications')
project, rm, pconfig = project_by_name(pname)
tweaks = get_tweaks(pconfig, hs)
for sdata in serieslist:
# If we have a cover letter, then the reference is the msgid of the cover letter,
# else the reference is the msgid of the first patch
patches = sdata.get('patches')
is_pull_request = False
content = headers = reference = None
if sdata.get('cover_letter'):
reference = sdata.get('cover_letter').get('msgid')
fullcover = rm.get_cover(sdata.get('cover_letter').get('id'))
headers = {k.lower(): v for k, v in fullcover.get('headers').items()}
content = fullcover.get('content')
except KeyError:
logger.debug('Unable to get cover letter, will try first patch')
if not reference:
reference = patches[0].get('msgid')
fullpatch = rm.get_patch(patches[0].get('id'))
headers = {k.lower(): v for k, v in fullpatch.get('headers').items()}
content = fullpatch.get('content')
if fullpatch.get('pull_url'):
is_pull_request = True
except KeyError:
logger.debug('Unable to get first patch reference, bailing on %s', sdata.get('id'))
submitter = sdata.get('submitter')
project = sdata.get('project')
if 'neverto' in tweaks:
neverto = listify(tweaks['neverto'])
if submitter.get('email') in neverto:
logger.debug('Skipping neverto address:%s', submitter.get('email'))
ccs = list()
cchdr = headers.get('cc')
if cchdr:
ccs = [chunk[1] for chunk in getaddresses(listify(cchdr))]
tos = list()
tohdr = headers.get('to')
if tohdr:
tos = [chunk[1] for chunk in getaddresses(listify(tohdr))]
xpb = headers.get('x-patchwork-bot')
logger.debug('X-Patchwork-Bot=%s', xpb)
# If X-Patchwork-Bot header is set to "notify" we always notify
if xpb != 'notify':
# Use cc-based notification logic
if 'onlyifcc' in tweaks:
match = None
for chunk in listify(tweaks['onlyifcc']):
if chunk in ccs:
match = chunk
if match is None:
logger.debug('Skipping %s due to onlyifcc=%s', submitter.get('email'), tweaks['onlyifcc'])
if ccs and 'neverifcc' in tweaks:
match = None
for chunk in listify(tweaks['neverifcc']):
if chunk in ccs:
match = chunk
if match is not None:
logger.debug('Skipping %s due to neverifcc=%s', submitter.get('email'), tweaks['neverifcc'])
logger.debug('Preparing a notification for %s', submitter.get('email'))
if is_pull_request:
reqtype = 'pull request'
elif len(sdata.get('patches')) > 1:
reqtype = 'series'
reqtype = 'patch'
trimquote = list()
if content:
qcount = 0
for cline in content.split('\n'):
# Quote the first paragraph only and then [snip] if we quoted more than 5 lines
if qcount > 5 and (not len(cline.strip()) or cline.strip().find('---') == 0):
trimquote.append('> ')
trimquote.append('> [...]')
trimquote.append('> %s' % cline.rstrip())
qcount += 1
summary = list()
committer = 'unknown committer'
for patch in patches:
summary.append(' - %s' % patch.get('name'))
pid = patch.get('id')
if pid in revs:
committer = committers.get(pid, 'unknown committer')
if 'commitlink' in rs:
summary.append(' %s' % (rs['commitlink'] % revs[pid]))
summary.append(' (no matching commit)')
bodytpt = Template(CONFIG['templates']['submitter'])
params = {
'reqtype': reqtype,
'treename': rs['treename'],
'refname': refname.replace('refs/heads/', '', 1),
'committer': committer,
'sentdate': str(headers.get('date')),
'trimquote': '\n'.join(trimquote),
'summary': '\n'.join(summary),
'signature': CONFIG['templates']['signature'],
body = bodytpt.safe_substitute(params)
msg = MIMEText(body, _charset='utf-8')
msg.replace_header('Content-Transfer-Encoding', '8bit')
msg['Subject'] = Header('Re: %s' % headers.get('subject'))
msg['From'] = Header(tweaks['from'])
msg['Message-Id'] = make_msgid('git-patchwork-notify', domain=DOMAIN)
msg['Date'] = formatdate(localtime=True)
msg['References'] = Header(reference)
msg['In-Reply-To'] = Header(reference)
if 'onlyto' in tweaks:
targets = listify(tweaks['onlyto'])
msg['To'] = '%s <%s>' % (submitter.get('name'), targets[0])
targets = [submitter.get('email')]
msg['To'] = Header('%s <%s>' % (submitter.get('name'), submitter.get('email')))
ccaddrs = list()
if tweaks.get('alwayscc'):
ccaddrs += listify(tweaks['alwayscc'])
targets += ccaddrs
if tweaks.get('cclist'):
if tweaks.get('ccall'):
for addr in tos + ccs:
if addr not in targets:
if 'alwaysbcc' in tweaks:
targets += listify(tweaks['alwaysbcc'])
if len(ccaddrs):
msg['Cc'] = ', '.join(ccaddrs)
if not NOMAIL:
logger.debug('Message follows')
logger.debug(msg.as_string())'Notifying %s', submitter.get('email'))
smtp = smtplib.SMTP(MAILHOST)
smtp.sendmail(tweaks['from'], targets, msg.as_bytes())
else:'Would have sent the following:')'------------------------------')'------------------------------')
def housekeeping(pname: str) -> None:
project, rm, pconfig = project_by_name(pname)
if 'housekeeping' not in pconfig:
project_id = project['id']'Running housekeeping for %s', pname)
hconfig = pconfig['housekeeping']
cutoffdays = 90
report = ''
if 'autosupersede' in hconfig:'Getting series from %s/%s', rm.server, pname)
cutoffdays = int(hconfig['autosupersede'])
except ValueError:
cutoffdate = - datetime.timedelta(days=cutoffdays)
logger.debug('cutoffdate=%s', cutoffdate)
series = dict()
page = 0
pagedata = list()
lastpage = False
while True:
if not pagedata and not lastpage:
page += 1
logger.debug(' grabbing page %d', page)
params = [
('project', project_id),
('order', '-date'),
('page', page),
('per_page', REST_PER_PAGE)
# we do our own pagination
pagedata = rm.get_series_list(params, unpaginated=False)
if not pagedata:
# Got them all?
logger.debug('Finished processing all series')
entry = pagedata.pop()
# Did we go too far back?
s_date = entry.get('date')
series_date = datetime.datetime.strptime(s_date, "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S")
if series_date < cutoffdate:
lastpage = True
logger.debug('Went too far back, stopping at %s', series_date)
s_id = entry.get('id')
s_name = entry.get('name')
if s_name is None:
# Ignoring this one, because we must have a name
# Remove any [foo] from the front, for best matching.
# Usually, patchwork strips these, but not always.
s_name = re.sub(r'^\[.*?]\s*', '', s_name)
ver = entry.get('version')
subm_id = entry.get('submitter').get('id')
patches = list()
for patch in entry.get('patches'):
if not patches:
# Not sure how we can have a series without patches, but ok
received_all = entry.get('received_all')
if (subm_id, s_name) not in series:
series[(subm_id, s_name)] = dict()
series[(subm_id, s_name)][series_date] = {
'id': id,
'patches': patches,
'complete': received_all,
'date': s_date,
'rev': ver,
logger.debug('Processed id=%s (%s)', s_id, s_name)
for key, items in series.items():
if len(items) < 2:
# Not a redundant series
subm_id, subject = key
versions = list(items.keys())
latest_version = versions.pop()
logger.debug('%s: latest_version: %s', subject, items[latest_version]['date'])
if not items[latest_version]['complete']:
logger.debug('Skipping this series, because it is not complete')
sreport = list()'Checking: [v%s] %s (%s)', items[latest_version]['rev'], subject,
for v in versions:
rev = items[v]['rev']
s_date = items[v]['date']
patch_id = items[v]['patches'][0]
patch = rm.get_patch(patch_id)
if not patch:
# Huh, what happened?
state = patch.get('state')
if state != 'superseded':' Marking series as superseded: [v%s] %s (%s)', rev, subject, s_date)
sreport.append(' Superseding: [v%s] %s (%s):' % (rev, subject, s_date))
# Yes, we need to supersede these patches
for patch_id in items[v]['patches']:' Superseding patch: %d', patch_id)
patch = rm.get_patch(patch_id)
patch_title = patch.get('name')
current_state = patch.get('state')
if current_state == 'superseded':' Patch already set to superseded, skipping')
sreport.append(' %s' % patch_title)
if not DRYRUN:
rm.update_patch(patch_id, state='superseded')
else:' Dryrun: Not actually setting state')
if sreport:
report += 'Latest series: [v%s] %s (%s)\n' % (items[latest_version]['rev'], subject,
report += '\n'.join(sreport)
report += '\n\n'
if 'autoarchive' in hconfig:'Auto-archiving old patches in %s/%s', rm.server, pname)
cutoffdays = int(hconfig['autoarchive'])
except ValueError:
cutoffdate = - datetime.timedelta(days=cutoffdays)
logger.debug('cutoffdate=%s', cutoffdate)
page = 0
seen = set()
pagedata = list()
lastpage = False
archived = 0
while True:
if not pagedata and not lastpage:
if archived:'Archived %d patches, grabbing next page', archived)
params = [
('project', project_id),
('archived', 'false'),
('state', 'new'),
('order', 'date'),
('per_page', REST_PER_PAGE)
# We don't need pagination if we're not in dryrun, because
# once we archive the patches, they don't show up in this
# query any longer.
page += 1
params.append(('page', page))
# we do our own pagination
pagedata = rm.get_patches_list(params, unpaginated=False)
if not pagedata:
logger.debug('Finished processing all patches')
entry = pagedata.pop()
# Did we go too far forward?
patch_date = datetime.datetime.strptime(entry.get('date'), "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S")
if patch_date >= cutoffdate:
# mark that we're on the last page
lastpage = True
patch_id = entry.get('id')
if patch_id in seen:
# If the archived setting isn't actually sticking on the server for
# some reason, then we are in for an infinite loop. Recognize this
# and quit when that happens.'Setting to archived is not working, exiting loop.')
archived += 1
if not DRYRUN:
rm.update_patch(patch_id, archived=True)
else:' Dryrun: Not actually archiving')
if archived:'Archived %d total patches', archived)
if not report:
if 'summaryto' not in pconfig:'Report follows')'------------------------------')'------------------------------')
logger.debug('summaryto not set, not sending report')
report += '\n-- \n' + CONFIG['templates']['signature']
msg = MIMEText(report, _charset='utf-8')
msg.replace_header('Content-Transfer-Encoding', '8bit')
msg['Subject'] = 'Patchwork housekeeping for: %s' % pname
msg['From'] = pconfig['from']
msg['Message-Id'] = make_msgid('git-patchwork-housekeeping', domain=DOMAIN)
msg['Date'] = formatdate(localtime=True)
targets = listify(pconfig['summaryto'])
msg['To'] = ', '.join(targets)
if 'alwayscc' in pconfig:
msg['Cc'] = ', '.join(listify(pconfig['alwayscc']))
targets += listify(pconfig['alwayscc'])
if 'alwaysbcc' in pconfig:
targets += listify(pconfig['alwaysbcc'])
if not NOMAIL:
logger.debug('Message follows')
logger.debug(msg.as_string())'Sending housekeeping summary to: %s', msg['To'])
smtp = smtplib.SMTP(MAILHOST)
smtp.sendmail(pconfig['from'], targets, msg.as_bytes())
else:'Would have sent the following:')'------------------------------')'------------------------------')
def pwrun(repo: str, rsettings: Dict[str, Union[str, list, dict]]) -> None:
global _rev_cache
git_heads = git_get_repo_heads(repo, branch=rsettings.get('branch', '--heads'))
if not git_heads:'Could not get the latest ref in %s', repo)
dbpath = repo
# If we're aimed at a worktree, move up from the ".git" file to
# the worktree directory.
if not os.path.isdir(dbpath):
gitdir = open(dbpath).readline().strip()
if not gitdir.startswith('gitdir: '):'Could not find git tree in %s', dbpath)
gitdir = gitdir.split(' ', 1)[1]
gitdir, worktree = os.path.split(gitdir)
gitdir, category = os.path.split(gitdir)
if category != "worktrees":'Could not find git worktree in %s', dbpath)
# To store multiple pw.db files in a single .git directory,
# add a suffix based on the repo treename.
treename = rsettings.get('treename').replace('/', '_')
dbpath = os.path.join(gitdir, f'pw-{treename}.db')
dbpath = os.path.join(dbpath, 'pw.db')
# Do we have a pw.db there yet?
db_exists = os.path.isfile(dbpath)
dbconn = sqlite3.connect(dbpath, sqlite3.PARSE_DECLTYPES | sqlite3.PARSE_COLNAMES)
c = dbconn.cursor()
if not db_exists:
initial_git_heads = git_get_repo_heads(repo, branch=rsettings.get('branch', '--heads'),
db_save_repo_heads(c, initial_git_heads)
# Exit early
db_heads = db_get_repo_heads(c)
committers = rsettings.get('committers', list())
newrevs = git_get_new_revs(repo, db_heads, git_heads, committers=committers, merges=True)
if not newrevs:
logger.debug('No new revs in %s', repo)
return'Processing: %s', repo)
count = 0
for pname, psettings in rsettings['projects'].items():
rpwhashes = dict()
wantstates = list()
have_prs = False
for refname, revlines in newrevs.items():
found = False
for wanthead, hsettings in psettings.items():
if refname.endswith(wanthead):
found = True
if 'fromstate' in hsettings:
wantstates += hsettings['fromstate']
if not found:
logger.debug('Skipping ref %s (not wanted)')
rpwhashes[refname] = set()
for rev, logline, committer in revlines:
if logline.find('Merge') == 0 and logline.find('://') > 0:
have_prs = True
rpwhashes[refname].add((rev, logline, committer, None, None))
if rev not in _rev_cache:
info = git_get_rev_info(repo, rev)
pwhash = get_patchwork_hash(info)
if not pwhash:
# Theoretically, should never happen?
logger.debug('Skipping %s (no pwhash)', rev)
msgid = None
lore_match =
if lore_match:
msgid =
logger.debug('Msgid for %s: %s', rev, msgid)
_rev_cache[rev] = (rev, logline, committer, pwhash, msgid)
if not wantstates:
wantstates = ['new', 'under-review']
logger.debug('wantstates=%s', wantstates)' project : %s', pname)
project, rm, pconfig = project_by_name(pname)
project_id = project['id']
if have_prs:' PR merge commit found, loading up pull requests')
# Find all from states we're interested in
prs = get_patchwork_pull_requests_by_project(rm, project_id, wantstates)
prs = set()
for refname, hashpairs in rpwhashes.items():' Analyzing %d revisions in %s', len(hashpairs), refname)
# Get our settings
hsettings = None
for wanthead, hsettings in psettings.items():
if refname.endswith(wanthead):
# Patchwork lowercases state name and replaces spaces with dashes
to_state = hsettings['tostate'].lower().replace(' ', '-')
fromstate = list()
for fs in hsettings.get('fromstate', list()):
fromstate.append(fs.lower().replace(' ', '-'))
if not fromstate:
fromstate = list(wantstates)
# We create patch_id->rev mapping first
revs = dict()
committers = dict()
for rev, logline, committer, pwhash, msgid in hashpairs:
if have_prs and pwhash is None:
if logline.find(' of ') > 0:
matches ='Merge\s\S+\s[\'\"](\S+)[\'\"]\sof\s(\w+://\S+)', logline)
if not matches:
m_refname =
m_host =
elif logline.find('://') > 0:
matches ='Merge\s(\w+://\S+)', logline)
if not matches:
m_refname = 'master'
m_host =
logger.debug('Looking for ref %s host %s', m_refname, m_host)
for pull_host, pull_refname, patch_id in prs:
if pull_host.find(m_host) > -1 and pull_refname.find(m_refname) > -1:' Found matching pull request in %s (id: %s)', logline, patch_id)
revs[patch_id] = rev
committers[patch_id] = committer
# Do we have a matching hash on the server?' Matching by hash: %s (%s)', pwhash, logline)
patch_ids = get_patchwork_patches_by_project_hash(rm, project_id, pwhash)
if not patch_ids and msgid:
# Match by message-id, if we have it' Matching by msgid: %s (%s)', msgid, logline)
patch_ids = get_patchwork_patches_by_project_msgid(rm, project_id, msgid)
if not patch_ids:' No match for: %s', logline)
for patch_id in patch_ids:' Matched: %s', patch_id)
pdata = rm.get_patch(patch_id)
if not pdata:' Ignoring due to REST error')
if pdata.get('state') not in fromstate:' Ignoring due to state=%s', pdata.get('state'))
revs[patch_id] = rev
committers[patch_id] = committer
# Now we iterate through it
updated_series = list()
done_patches = set()
for patch_id in list(revs.keys()):' Processing: %s', patch_id)
if patch_id in done_patches:
# we've already updated this series' Already applied as part of previous series')
pdata = rm.get_patch(patch_id)
serieslist = pdata.get('series', None)
if not serieslist:
# This is probably from the time before patchwork-2 migration.
# We'll just ignore those.' A patch without an associated series? Woah.')
for series in serieslist:
series_id = series.get('id')
sdata = rm.get_series(series_id)
update_queue = list()
for spatch in sdata.get('patches'):
spatch_id = spatch.get('id')
if spatch_id in revs:
rev = revs[spatch_id]
update_queue.append((spatch.get('name'), spatch_id, to_state, rev))
if update_queue:'Marking series "%s": %s', to_state, sdata.get('name'))
for sname, spatch_id, to_state, rev in update_queue:
count += 1
if not DRYRUN:' Updating: %s', sname)
rm.update_patch(spatch_id, state=to_state, commit_ref=rev)
else:' Updating (DRYRUN): %s', sname)
if len(updated_series) and hsettings.get('send_summary', False):
send_summary(updated_series, committers, to_state, refname, revs, pname, rsettings, hsettings)
if len(updated_series) and hsettings.get('notify_submitter', False):
notify_submitters(updated_series, committers, refname, revs, pname, rsettings, hsettings)
if count:'Updated %d patches on %s', count, rm.server)
else:'No patches updated on %s', rm.server)
if not DRYRUN:
db_save_repo_heads(c, git_heads)
def check_repos() -> None:
# Use a global lock to make sure only a single process is running
lockfh = open(os.path.join(CACHEDIR, ''), 'w')
lockf(lockfh, LOCK_EX | LOCK_NB)
except IOError:'Could not obtain an exclusive lock, assuming another process is running.')
for repo in CONFIG['repos']:
fullpath = os.path.join(cmdargs.reposdir.rstrip('/'), repo.lstrip('/'))
if not os.path.exists(fullpath):'Repository not found: %s', repo)
settings = CONFIG['repos'][repo]
if not os.path.isdir(fullpath) and not settings.get('branch'):'Worktree must specify "branch" setting: %s', repo)
pwrun(fullpath, settings)
def pwhash_differ() -> None:
diff =
inhash = get_patchwork_hash(diff)'stdin hash: %s', inhash)
check_patch_id = cmdargs.pwhash
for pw in CONFIG['patchworks']:'Patchwork: %s', pw)
for pname, psettings in CONFIG['patchworks'][pw]['projects'].items():
project, rm, pconfig = project_by_name(pname)
patch = rm.get_patch(check_patch_id)
if patch.get('hash') != inhash:'--- patchwork diff ---')'diff'))'--- hash: %s ---', patch.get('hash'))
sys.exit(1)'No mismatches found')
if __name__ == '__main__':
# noinspection PyTypeChecker
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
parser.add_argument('-c', '--cfgfile', required=True,
help='Config file with repository and project data.')
parser.add_argument('-r', '--reposdir', default=None,
help='Directory with repositories to process')
parser.add_argument('-l', '--logfile', default=None,
help='Log file for messages during quiet operation')
parser.add_argument('-m', '--mailhost', default='localhost',
help='Mailhost to use when sending mail')
parser.add_argument('-d', '--dry-run', dest='dryrun', action='store_true', default=False,
help='Do not mail or store anything, just do a dry run.')
parser.add_argument('-n', '--no-mail', dest='nomail', action='store_true', default=False,
help='Do not mail anything, but store database entries.')
parser.add_argument('-q', '--quiet', action='store_true', default=False,
help='Only output errors to the stdout')
parser.add_argument('-v', '--verbose', action='store_true', default=False,
help='Be more verbose in logging output')
parser.add_argument('-k', '--housekeeping', action='store_true', default=False,
help='Perform a housekeeping run (supersede, archive)')
parser.add_argument('--cachedir', default=None,
help='Cache directory to use instead of ~/.cache/git-patchwork-bot')
parser.add_argument('--domain', default=None,
help='Domain to use when creating message-ids')
parser.add_argument('--ancestors', default=None,
help='During initial database creation, consider this many ancestor commits as fresh')
parser.add_argument('--pwhash', default=None, type=int, metavar='PATCH-ID',
help='Debug pwhash mismatches. Compare patchwork hash of diff from stdin to patch id')
parser.add_argument('--tokens-file', default=None,
help='Separate configuration file containing just API tokens')
cmdargs = parser.parse_args()
if cmdargs.logfile:
ch = logging.FileHandler(cmdargs.logfile)
formatter = logging.Formatter(
'[%(asctime)s] %(message)s')
if cmdargs.verbose:
ch = logging.StreamHandler()
formatter = logging.Formatter('%(message)s')
if cmdargs.quiet:
elif cmdargs.verbose:
if cmdargs.nomail or cmdargs.dryrun:'NOMAIL: ON')
if cmdargs.dryrun:'DRYRUN: ON')
if cmdargs.cachedir:
CACHEDIR = cmdargs.cachedir
if cmdargs.domain:
DOMAIN = cmdargs.domain
MAILHOST = cmdargs.mailhost
with open(cmdargs.cfgfile, 'r') as fh:
cfgyaml =
CONFIG = ruamel.yaml.safe_load(cfgyaml)
if cmdargs.tokens_file:
with open(cmdargs.tokens_file, 'r') as fh:
tkyaml =
tks = ruamel.yaml.safe_load(tkyaml)
for _pserver, _sconfig in tks['patchworks'].items():
if _pserver in CONFIG['patchworks']:
logger.debug('Taking apitoken info for %s from %s', _pserver, cmdargs.tokens_file)
CONFIG['patchworks'][_pserver]['apitoken'] = _sconfig.get('apitoken')
if not os.path.isdir(CACHEDIR):
os.makedirs(CACHEDIR, exist_ok=True)
if cmdargs.pwhash:
if cmdargs.housekeeping:
for _pserver, _sconfig in CONFIG['patchworks'].items():
for _pname in _sconfig['projects']:
if not cmdargs.reposdir:
logger.critical('-r is required for this mode')