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# You will need to create an API key in your Equinix Metal project and
# put it into the auth_token field along with project_id UUID.
auth_token = [your-equinix-metal-api-tokey]
project_id = [your-equinix-metal-project-id]
# Where should we log things?
logfile = /path/to/stable-builder.log
# We don't use the below two values in the script itself, but it
# is used to populate values in the user_ sections.
pubkey_dir = /path/to/keydir
cloud_init_dir = /path/to/cloudinit_dir
# We currently hardcode the use of msmtp. However, we don't want to
# stick the username/password of the SMTP authorized user into the
# cloud_init script itself, so stick them into here.
user = [authorized-smtp-user]
password = [authorized-smtp-password]
# Whatever is passed via -u, we look for their section using user_%username
# The entries should be self-evident
plan = m3.large.x86
facility = am6
os = debian_10
pubkey = ${core:pubkey_dir}/
cloud_init = ${core:cloud_init_dir}/sample.yaml