Merge branch 'urgent-fixes' of git://

Pull RCU fix from Paul McKenney:
 "A single commit that fixes a bug that was introduced a couple of merge
  windows ago, but which rather more recently converged to an
  agreed-upon fix. The bug is that interrupts can be incorrectly enabled
  while holding an irq-disabled spinlock. This can of course result in

  The bug is a bit difficult to trigger. It requires that a preempted
  task be blocking a preemptible-RCU grace period long enough to trigger
  an RCU CPU stall warning. In addition, an interrupt must occur at just
  the right time, and that interrupt's handler must acquire that same
  irq-disabled spinlock. Still, a deadlock is a deadlock.

  Furthermore, we do now have a fix, and that fix survives kernel test
  robot, -next, and rcutorture testing. It has also been verified by
  Sebastian as fixing the bug. Therefore..."

* 'urgent-fixes' of git://
  rcu: Don't invoke try_invoke_on_locked_down_task() with irqs disabled