MTD core changes:
* Initial support for BCM4908 partitions

Raw NAND controller drivers:
* Intel: Fix an error handling path in 'ebu_dma_start()'
* Tango: Remove the driver
* Marvell: Convert comma to semicolon
* MXC: Convert comma to semicolon
* Qcom: Add support for Qcom SMEM parser

Related MTD changes:
* parsers: Add Qcom SMEM parser

SPI NOR core changes:
* Add non-uniform erase fixes.
* Add Global Block Unlock command. It is defined by few flash
 vendors, and it is used for now just by sst.

SPI NOR controller drivers changes:
* intel-spi: Add support for Intel Alder Lake-P SPI serial flash.
* hisi-sfc: Put child node np on error path.
dt-bindings: mtd: add binding for BCM4908 partitions

BCM4908 uses fixed partitions layout but function of some partitions may
vary. Some devices use multiple firmware partitions and those partitions
should be marked to let system discover their purpose.

Signed-off-by: Rafał Miłecki <>
Signed-off-by: Richard Weinberger <>
1 file changed