Linux 0.99.13 released

Linux 0.99pl13 has been released (for almost a week no, actually, sorry
for the delayed announcement), and can be found on in
pub/OS/Linux/PEOPLE/Linus and mirror sites.

Rough changes since pl12 (most of which have been there in various ALPHA

 - the bad memory management one-liner bug is naturally fixed.
 - compiled with plain C by default instead of C++
 - ELF binary support (Eric Youngdale)
 - Quickport mouse support (and some changes to the PS/2 mouse driver)
   by Johan Myreen and co)
 - core file name change ("core" -> "core.xxxx" where xxxx is the name
   of the program that dumped code).  Idea from ???.  Also, core-files
   now correctly truncate any existing core file before being written.
 - some mmap() fixes: better error returns, and handling of non-fixed
   maps for /dev/mem etc.
 - fixes for rename/unlink/rmdir at mount-points.
 - packet mode fixes by Charles Hedrick.  Sadly, these are likely to
   break old telnet/rlogin binaries, but it had to be done in order to
   communicate correctly with the rest of the world.
 - FPU emulator patches from Bill Metzenthen.  The fprem1 insn should be
   correct now (not that anybody seems to have seen the incorrect
 - a few fixes for SCSI (Drew and Eric)
 - signal.c changes to handle multiple segments (for Wine) correctly.
 - updated drivers from Donald Becker: 3c509 and AT1500 drivers, but
   also some other drivers have been edited, and some networking fixes.

Note that I have gotten a lot of patches that simply didn't make it: I
think I have 5-10 reasonable patches that I simply never got around to
check very carefully but that have their own reasons for existence,
ranging from sysv signal handling to quotas.  They'll probably get there
eventually, but didn't make it into pl13.

142 files changed