Merge tag 'ovl-update-5.6' of git://

Pull overlayfs update from Miklos Szeredi:

 - Try to preserve holes in sparse files when copying up, thus saving
   disk space and improving performance.

 - Fix a performance regression introduced in v4.19 by preserving
   asynchronicity of IO when fowarding to underlying layers. Add VFS
   helpers to submit async iocbs.

 - Fix a regression in lseek(2) introduced in v4.19 that breaks >2G
   seeks on 32bit kernels.

 - Fix a corner case where st_ino/st_dev was not preserved across copy

 - Miscellaneous fixes and cleanups.

* tag 'ovl-update-5.6' of git://
  ovl: fix lseek overflow on 32bit
  ovl: add splice file read write helper
  ovl: implement async IO routines
  vfs: add vfs_iocb_iter_[read|write] helper functions
  ovl: layer is const
  ovl: fix corner case of non-constant st_dev;st_ino
  ovl: fix corner case of conflicting lower layer uuid
  ovl: generalize the lower_fs[] array
  ovl: simplify ovl_same_sb() helper
  ovl: generalize the lower_layers[] array
  ovl: improving copy-up efficiency for big sparse file
  ovl: use ovl_inode_lock in ovl_llseek()
  ovl: use pr_fmt auto generate prefix
  ovl: fix wrong WARN_ON() in ovl_cache_update_ino()