This tag contains the patches that add the new compute acceleration
subsystem, which is part of the DRM subsystem.

The patches:
- Add a new directory at drivers/accel.
- Add a new major (261) for compute accelerators.
- Add a new DRM minor type for compute accelerators.
- Integrate the accel core code with DRM core code.
- Add documentation for the accel subsystem.
doc: add documentation for accel subsystem

Add an introduction section for the accel subsystem. Most of the
relevant data is in the DRM documentation, so the introduction only
presents the why of the new subsystem, how are the compute accelerators
exposed to user-space and what changes need to be done in a standard
DRM driver to register it to the new accel subsystem.

Signed-off-by: Oded Gabbay <>
Reviewed-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
Reviewed-by: Jeffrey Hugo <>
Reviewed-by: Dave Airlie <>
Acked-by: Thomas Zimmermann <>
Acked-by: Jacek Lawrynowicz <>
Tested-by: Jacek Lawrynowicz <>
Reviewed-by: Melissa Wen <>
4 files changed