Merge tag 'fs.move_mount.move_mount_set_group.v5.15' of git://

Pull move_mount updates from Christian Brauner:
 "This contains an extension to the move_mount() syscall making it
  possible to add a single private mount into an existing propagation

  The use-case comes from the criu folks which have been struggling with
  restoring complex mount trees for a long time. Variations of this work
  have been discussed at Plumbers before, e.g.

  The extension to move_mount() enables criu to restore any set of mount
  namespaces, mount trees and sharing group trees without introducing
  yet more complexity into mount propagation itself.

  The changes required to criu to make use of this and restore complex
  propagation trees are available at

  A cleaned-up version of this will go up for merging into the main criu
  repo after this lands"

* tag 'fs.move_mount.move_mount_set_group.v5.15' of git://
  tests: add move_mount(MOVE_MOUNT_SET_GROUP) selftest
  move_mount: allow to add a mount into an existing group