Merge branch 'for-5.15' of git://

Pull cgroup updates from Tejun Heo:
 "Two cpuset behavior changes:

   - cpuset on cgroup2 is changed to enable memory migration based on
     nodemask by default.

   - A notification is generated when cpuset partition state changes.

  All other patches are minor fixes and cleanups"

* 'for-5.15' of git://
  cgroup: Avoid compiler warnings with no subsystems
  cgroup/cpuset: Avoid memory migration when nodemasks match
  cgroup/cpuset: Enable memory migration for cpuset v2
  cgroup/cpuset: Enable event notification when partition state changes
  cgroup: cgroup-v1: clean up kernel-doc notation
  cgroup: Replace deprecated CPU-hotplug functions.
  cgroup/cpuset: Fix violation of cpuset locking rule
  cgroup/cpuset: Fix a partition bug with hotplug
  cgroup/cpuset: Miscellaneous code cleanup
  cgroup: remove cgroup_mount from comments