This tag contains habanalabs driver changes for v5.20:

- Add Gaudi2 ASIC support. All the features required for Gaudi2 are included
  in this tag (except the networking aspect).

- Add more events to the eventfd support in the driver. With the new code, we
  expose three events that the user can register to get notification about them.

- re-factor soft reset code and replace its name to compute reset to better
  reflect the actual reset done in new ASICs

- Change the way Gaudi2 triggers an MSI-X interrupt due to h/w bug.

- Improve the code of the debugfs node that scrubs the device's memory.

- Add mechanism for better compatibility with older f/w versions

- Cleanup kernel log prints by moving some prints to debug and removing others.

- Many small bug fixes and minor changes.
habanalabs: move h/w dirty message to debug

H/W being dirty during initialization is completely expected in case
f/w tools are used before loading the driver. As it is not an error,
and as it doesn't give any meaningful information to the user,
no point of printing it.

Signed-off-by: Oded Gabbay <>
3 files changed