This tag contains habanalabs driver changes for v6.1:

- Support new notifier event for device state change through eventfd.

- Add uAPI to retrieve device attestation information for Gaudi2.

- Add uAPI to retrieve the h/w status of all h/w blocks.

- Add uAPI to control the running mode of the engine cores in Gaudi2.

- Expose whether the device runs with secured firmware through the INFO ioctl
  and sysfs.

- Support trace events in DMA allocations and MMU map/unmap operations.

- Notify firmware when the device was acquired by a user process and when it
  was released. This is done as part of the RAS that the f/w performs.

- Multiple bug fixes, refactors and renames.

- Cleanup of error messages, moving some to debug level.

- Enhance log prints in case of h/w error events for Gaudi2.
habanalabs: eliminate aggregate use warning

When doing sizeof() and giving as argument a dereference of
a pointer-to-a-pointer object, clang will issue a warning.

Eliminate the warning by passing struct <name>*

Signed-off-by: Oded Gabbay <>
5 files changed