* (24 commits)
  GFS2: Move readahead of metadata during deallocation into its own function
  GFS2: Remove two unused variables
  GFS2: Misc fixes
  GFS2: rewrite fallocate code to write blocks directly
  GFS2: speed up delete/unlink performance for large files
  GFS2: Fix off-by-one in gfs2_blk2rgrpd
  GFS2: Clean up ->page_mkwrite
  GFS2: Correctly set goal block after allocation
  GFS2: Fix AIL flush issue during fsync
  GFS2: Use cached rgrp in gfs2_rlist_add()
  GFS2: Call do_strip() directly from recursive_scan()
  GFS2: Remove obsolete assert
  GFS2: Cache the most recently used resource group in the inode
  GFS2: Make resource groups "append only" during life of fs
  GFS2: Use rbtree for resource groups and clean up bitmap buffer ref count scheme
  GFS2: Fix lseek after SEEK_DATA, SEEK_HOLE have been added
  GFS2: Clean up gfs2_create
  GFS2: Use ->dirty_inode()
  GFS2: Fix bug trap and journaled data fsync
  GFS2: Fix inode allocation error path