This pull request contains:
- Some refactoring, cleanups and small improvements
  from Sjur Brændeland. The improvements are mainly
  about better supporting varios virtio properties
  (such as virtio's config space, status and features).
  I now see that I messed up while commiting one of Sjur's
  patches and erroneously put myself as the author, as well
  as letting a nasty typo sneak in. I will not fix this in
  order to avoid rebasing the patches. Sjur - sorry!
- A new remoteproc driver for OMAP-L13x (technically a
  DaVinci platform) from Robert Tivy.
- Extend OMAP support to OMAP5 as well, from Vincent Stehlé.
- Fix Kconfig VIRTUALIZATION dependency, from Suman Anna
  (a non-critical fix which arrived late during the rc cycle).
remoteproc: fix kconfig dependencies for VIRTIO

Fix this:

warning: (VIRTIO_PCI && VIRTIO_MMIO && REMOTEPROC && RPMSG) selects VIRTIO which has unmet direct dependencies (VIRTUALIZATION)

Signed-off-by: Suman Anna <>
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Signed-off-by: Ohad Ben-Cohen <>
1 file changed