Merge tag 'fixes-3.6-rc3' of git://

Pull arm-soc fixes from Arnd Bergmann:
 "Bug fixes for various ARM platforms.  About half of these are for OMAP
  and submitted before but did not make it into v3.6-rc2."

* tag 'fixes-3.6-rc3' of git:// (39 commits)
  ARM: ux500: don't select LEDS_GPIO for snowball
  ARM: imx: build i.MX6 functions only when needed
  ARM: imx: select CPU_FREQ_TABLE when needed
  ARM: imx: fix ksz9021rn_phy_fixup
  ARM: imx: build pm-imx5 code only when PM is enabled
  ARM: omap: allow building omap44xx without SMP
  ARM: dts: imx51-babbage: fix esdhc cd/wp properties
  ARM: imx6: spin the cpu until hardware takes it down
  ARM: ux500: Ensure probing of Audio devices when Device Tree is enabled
  ARM: ux500: Fix merge error, no matching driver name for 'snd_soc_u8500'
  ARM i.MX6q: Add virtual 1/3.5 dividers in the LDB clock path
  ARM: Kirkwood: fix Makefile.boot
  ARM: Kirkwood: Fix iconnect leds
  ARM: Orion: Set eth packet size csum offload limit
  ARM: mv78xx0: fix win_cfg_base prototype
  ARM: OMAP: dmtimers: Fix locking issue in omap_dm_timer_request*()
  ARM: mmp: fix potential NULL dereference
  ARM: OMAP4: Register the OPP table only for 4430 device
  cpufreq: OMAP: Handle missing frequency table on SMP systems
  ARM: OMAP4: sleep: Save the complete used register stack frame