Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://

Pull block-related fixes from Jens Axboe:

 - Improvements to the buffered and direct write IO plugging from

 - Abstract out the mapping of a bio in a request, and use that to
   provide a blk_bio_map_sg() helper.  Useful for mapping just a bio
   instead of a full request.

 - Regression fix from Hugh, fixing up a patch that went into the
   previous release cycle (and marked stable, too) attempting to prevent
   a loop in __getblk_slow().

 - Updates to discard requests, fixing up the sizing and how we align
   them.  Also a change to disallow merging of discard requests, since
   that doesn't really work properly yet.

 - A few drbd fixes.

 - Documentation updates.

* 'for-linus' of git://
  block: replace __getblk_slow misfix by grow_dev_page fix
  drbd: Write all pages of the bitmap after an online resize
  drbd: Finish requests that completed while IO was frozen
  drbd: fix drbd wire compatibility for empty flushes
  Documentation: update tunable options in block/cfq-iosched.txt
  Documentation: update tunable options in block/cfq-iosched.txt
  Documentation: update missing index files in block/00-INDEX
  block: move down direct IO plugging
  block: remove plugging at buffered write time
  block: disable discard request merge temporarily
  bio: Fix potential memory leak in bio_find_or_create_slab()
  block: Don't use static to define "void *p" in show_partition_start()
  block: Add blk_bio_map_sg() helper
  block: Introduce __blk_segment_map_sg() helper
  fs/block-dev.c:fix performance regression in O_DIRECT writes to md block devices
  block: split discard into aligned requests
  block: reorganize rounding of max_discard_sectors