change sb_writers to use percpu_rw_semaphore

We can remove everything from struct sb_writers except frozen
and add the array of percpu_rw_semaphore's instead.

This patch doesn't remove sb_writers->wait_unfrozen yet, we keep
it for get_super_thawed(). We will probably remove it later.

This change tries to address the following problems:

	- Firstly, __sb_start_write() looks simply buggy. It does
	  __sb_end_write() if it sees ->frozen, but if it migrates
	  to another CPU before percpu_counter_dec(), sb_wait_write()
	  can wrongly succeed if there is another task which holds
	  the same "semaphore": sb_wait_write() can miss the result
	  of the previous percpu_counter_inc() but see the result
	  of this percpu_counter_dec().

	- As Dave Hansen reports, it is suboptimal. The trivial
	  microbenchmark that writes to a tmpfs file in a loop runs
	  12% faster if we change this code to rely on RCU and kill
	  the memory barriers.

	- This code doesn't look simple. It would be better to rely
	  on the generic locking code.

	  According to Dave, this change adds the same performance

Note: with this change both freeze_super() and thaw_super() will do
synchronize_sched_expedited() 3 times. This is just ugly. But:

	- This will be "fixed" by the rcu_sync changes we are going
	  to merge. After that freeze_super()->percpu_down_write()
	  will use synchronize_sched(), and thaw_super() won't use
	  synchronize() at all.

	  This doesn't need any changes in fs/super.c.

	- Once we merge rcu_sync changes, we can also change super.c
	  so that all wb_write->rw_sem's will share the single ->rss
	  in struct sb_writes, then freeze_super() will need only one

Signed-off-by: Oleg Nesterov <>
Reviewed-by: Jan Kara <>
2 files changed