Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew)

Merge misc fixes from Andrew Morton:
 "24 patches, based on 4a09d388f2ab382f217a764e6a152b3f614246f6.

  Subsystems affected by this patch series: mm (thp, vmalloc, hugetlb,
  memory-failure, and pagealloc), nilfs2, kthread, MAINTAINERS, and

* emailed patches from Andrew Morton <>: (24 commits)
  mailmap: add Marek's other e-mail address and identity without diacritics
  MAINTAINERS: fix Marek's identity again
  mm/page_alloc: do bulk array bounds check after checking populated elements
  mm/page_alloc: __alloc_pages_bulk(): do bounds check before accessing array
  mm/hwpoison: do not lock page again when me_huge_page() successfully recovers
  mm,hwpoison: return -EHWPOISON to denote that the page has already been poisoned
  mm/memory-failure: use a mutex to avoid memory_failure() races
  mm, futex: fix shared futex pgoff on shmem huge page
  kthread: prevent deadlock when kthread_mod_delayed_work() races with kthread_cancel_delayed_work_sync()
  kthread_worker: split code for canceling the delayed work timer
  mm/vmalloc: unbreak kasan vmalloc support
  KVM: s390: prepare for hugepage vmalloc
  mm/vmalloc: add vmalloc_no_huge
  nilfs2: fix memory leak in nilfs_sysfs_delete_device_group
  mm/thp: another PVMW_SYNC fix in page_vma_mapped_walk()
  mm/thp: fix page_vma_mapped_walk() if THP mapped by ptes
  mm: page_vma_mapped_walk(): get vma_address_end() earlier
  mm: page_vma_mapped_walk(): use goto instead of while (1)
  mm: page_vma_mapped_walk(): add a level of indentation
  mm: page_vma_mapped_walk(): crossing page table boundary