Merge tag 'nfs-for-4.13-5' of git://

Pull NFS client fixes from Anna Schumaker:
 "A few more NFS client bugfixes from me for rc5.

  Dros has a stable fix for flexfiles to prevent leaking the
  nfs4_ff_ds_version arrays when freeing a layout, Trond fixed a
  potential recovery loop situation with the TEST_STATEID operation, and
  Christoph fixed up the pNFS blocklayout Kconfig options to prevent
  unsafe use with kernels that don't have large block device support.

  Stable fix:
   - fix leaking nfs4_ff_ds_version array

  Other fixes:
   - improve TEST_STATEID OLD_STATEID handling to prevent recovery loop

   - require 64-bit sector_t for pNFS blocklayout to prevent 32-bit
     compile errors"

* tag 'nfs-for-4.13-5' of git://
  pnfs/blocklayout: require 64-bit sector_t
  NFSv4: Ignore NFS4ERR_OLD_STATEID in nfs41_check_open_stateid()
  nfs/flexfiles: fix leak of nfs4_ff_ds_version arrays