stop_machine, rcu: Mark functions as notrace

Some architectures assume that the stopped CPUs don't make function calls
to traceable functions when they are in the stopped state. See also commit
cb9d7fd51d9f ("watchdog: Mark watchdog touch functions as notrace").

Violating this assumption causes kernel crashes when switching tracer on

Mark rcu_momentary_dyntick_idle() and stop_machine_yield() notrace to
prevent this.

Fixes: 4ecf0a43e729 ("processor: get rid of cpu_relax_yield")
Fixes: 366237e7b083 ("stop_machine: Provide RCU quiescent state in multi_cpu_stop()")
Signed-off-by: Zong Li <>
Signed-off-by: Thomas Gleixner <>
Tested-by: Atish Patra <>
Tested-by: Colin Ian King <>
Acked-by: Steven Rostedt (VMware) <>
Acked-by: Paul E. McKenney <>
2 files changed