Merge tag 'x86_urgent_for_v5.11' of git://

Pull x86 fixes from Borislav Petkov:
 "I kinda knew while typing 'I hope this is the last batch of x86/urgent
  updates' last week, Murphy was reading too and uttered 'Hold my

  So here's more fixes... Thanks Murphy.

  Anyway, three more x86/urgent fixes for 5.11 final. We should be
  finally ready (famous last words). :-)

   - An SGX use after free fix

   - A fix for the fix to disable CET instrumentation generation for
     kernel code. We forgot 32-bit, which we seem to do very often

   - A Xen PV fix to irqdomain init ordering"

* tag 'x86_urgent_for_v5.11' of git://
  x86/pci: Create PCI/MSI irqdomain after x86_init.pci.arch_init()
  x86/build: Disable CET instrumentation in the kernel for 32-bit too
  x86/sgx: Maintain encl->refcount for each encl->mm_list entry