Merge remote-tracking branch 'palmer/riscv-zicbom' into __archive__

* palmer/riscv-zicbom: (32 commits)
  RISC-V: Add support fo the zihintpause extension
  RISC-V: Add support for the zicbom extension
  inline: free symbol list after use
  inline: allocate statement after guards
  inline: avoid needless intermediate vars
  inline: declaration of the variadic vars is useless
  inline: comment about creating node of node on variadics
  inline: add testcases for inlining of variadics
  fix "unreplaced" warnings caused by using typeof() on inline functions
  predefine __ATOMIC_ACQUIRE & friends as weak
  allow show_token() on TOKEN_ZERO_IDENT
  fix crash when inlining casts of erroneous expressions
  cgcc: do not die on '-x assembler'
  RISC-V: Remove "g" from the extension list
  RISC-V: Remove the unimplemented ISA extensions
  RISC-V: Match GCC's semantics for multiple -march instances
  RISC-V: don't die() on -march errors, just warn
  cast_value: remove error-prone redundant argument
  cast_value: assign the new type
  fix zero/sign extension of integer character constants