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 Dear RT Folks,

 I'm pleased to announce the 3.8.13-rt12 release.

 changes since v3.8.13-rt11:
 - added the missing "acpi/rt: Convert acpi_gbl_hardware lock back to a
   raw_spinlock_t", reported by Steven.
 - added an option to the i915 driver to disable the expensive wbinvd. A
   warning is printed once on RT if wbinvd is not disabled to let the
   user know about this problem. This problem was decoded by Carsten Emde.
 - disable the trace_i915_gem_ring_dispatch() tracepoint on RT. Earlier
   it was reported that using this trace point leads to "scheduled while
   atomic" warnings. To fix this I pulled out the function in question out
   of the tracing macro. Upstream complains that this leads to too much
   overhead if the tracing point is not enabled so not it is gone.

 The delta patch against v3.8.13-rt11 is appended below and can be found here: \

 The RT patch against 3.8.11 can be found here:

 The split quilt queue is available at:


 [delta patch snipped]

Signed-off-by: Paul Gortmaker <>
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