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 Dear RT Folks,

 I'm pleased to announce the 3.8.9-rt4 release.

 changes since v3.8.9-rt4:
 - the quilt queue can be imported into git without hiccup
 - a giant/ huge/ big pile of cpsw patches has been added. If you have an
   ARM AM33xx (beagle bone for instance) then your network should work.
   I merged driver related changes DaveM had in his net & net-next tree.
 - i915 with tracing should not try to grab a spinlock in a
   preempt-disabled region. Reported by Joakim Hernberg
 - PPC64 forgot to check the preempt counter in ret_from_except_lite().
   Patch sent by Priyanka Jain
 - __schedule_bug() had a typo in a ifdef and as consequence additional
   debug output was not printed. Patch sent by Qiang Huang
 - builds now on ARM/imx. Reported by Arpit Goel.
 - mce wakeup defered from a workqueue to a kthread. Steven Rostedt found
   this and sent a patch.
 - a networking fix for a warning in inet_sk_rx_dst_set(). Caused by a
   route flush in the right moment. Reported by Mike Galbraith, patch by
   Eric Dumazet.
 - the swap_lock has been renamed because it was not unique and caused
   trouble with weak-per-cpu defines. Reported by Mike Galbraith patch by
   Steven Rostedt.
 - preempt_disable_nort() and friends use now barrier() instead of do {}
   while 0 in the unused case. Clashed with stable commit ("spinlocks
   and preemption points need to be at least compiler barriers").

 Known issues:

     - SLxB is broken on PowerPC.
     - suspend / resume seems to program program the timer wrong and wait
       ages until it continues.

 The delta patch against v3.8.9-rt3 without drivers/net/../ti/ is
 appended below and the complete one can be found here:

 The RT patch against 3.8.9 can be found here:

 The split quilt queue is available at:


Signed-off-by: Paul Gortmaker <>
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