ALSA: hda - Fix endless loop of codec configure

azx_codec_configure() loops over the codecs found on the given
controller via a linked list.  The code used to work in the past, but
in the current version, this may lead to an endless loop when a codec
binding returns an error.

The culprit is that the snd_hda_codec_configure() unregisters the
device upon error, and this eventually deletes the given codec object
from the bus.  Since the list is initialized via list_del_init(), the
next object points to the same device itself.  This behavior change
was introduced at splitting the HD-audio code code, and forgotten to
adapt it here.

For fixing this bug, just use a *_safe() version of list iteration.

Fixes: d068ebc25e6e ("ALSA: hda - Move some codes up to hdac_bus struct")
Reported-by: Daniel Vetter <>
Cc: <>
Signed-off-by: Takashi Iwai <>
2 files changed