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Pull KVM update from Paolo Bonzini:
 "Fairly small update, but there are some interesting new features.

     Optional support for adding a small amount of polling on each HLT
     instruction executed in the guest (or equivalent for other
     architectures).  This can improve latency up to 50% on some
     scenarios (e.g. O_DSYNC writes or TCP_RR netperf tests).  This
     also has to be enabled manually for now, but the plan is to
     auto-tune this in the future.

     The highlights are support for GICv3 emulation and dirty page

     Several optimizations and bugfixes.  Also a first: a feature
     exposed by KVM (UUID and long guest name in /proc/sysinfo) before
     it is available in IBM's hypervisor! :)


     Support for PML (page modification logging, a new feature in
     Broadwell Xeons that speeds up dirty page tracking), nested
     virtualization improvements (nested APICv---a nice optimization),
     usual round of emulation fixes.

     There is also a new option to reduce latency of the TSC deadline
     timer in the guest; this needs to be tuned manually.

     Some commits are common between this pull and Catalin's; I see you
     have already included his tree.

     Nothing yet.

     The KVM/PPC changes will come in through the PPC maintainers,
     because I haven't received them yet and I might end up being
     offline for some part of next week"

* tag 'for-linus' of git:// (130 commits)
  KVM: ia64: drop kvm.h from installed user headers
  KVM: x86: fix build with !CONFIG_SMP
  KVM: x86: emulate: correct page fault error code for NoWrite instructions
  KVM: Disable compat ioctl for s390
  KVM: s390: add cpu model support
  KVM: s390: use facilities and cpu_id per KVM
  KVM: s390/CPACF: Choose crypto control block format
  s390/kernel: Update /proc/sysinfo file with Extended Name and UUID
  KVM: s390: reenable LPP facility
  KVM: s390: floating irqs: fix user triggerable endless loop
  kvm: add halt_poll_ns module parameter
  kvm: remove KVM_MMIO_SIZE
  KVM: MIPS: Don't leak FPU/DSP to guest
  KVM: MIPS: Disable HTW while in guest
  KVM: nVMX: Enable nested posted interrupt processing
  KVM: nVMX: Enable nested virtual interrupt delivery
  KVM: nVMX: Enable nested apic register virtualization
  KVM: nVMX: Make nested control MSRs per-cpu
  KVM: nVMX: Enable nested virtualize x2apic mode
  KVM: nVMX: Prepare for using hardware MSR bitmap