Merge tag 'usb-4.7-rc4' of git://

Pull USB fixes from Greg KH:
 "Here are a bunch (65) of USB fixes for 4.7-rc4.  Sorry about the
  quantity, I've been slow in getting these out.

  The majority are the "normal" gadget, musb, and xhci fixes, that we
  all are used to.  There are also a few other tiny fixes resolving a
  number of reported issues that showed up in 4.7-rc1.

  All of these have been in linux-next"

* tag 'usb-4.7-rc4' of git:// (65 commits)
  usbip: rate limit get_frame_number message
  usb: musb: sunxi: Remove bogus "Frees glue" comment
  usb: musb: sunxi: Fix NULL ptr deref when gadget is registered before musb
  usb: echi-hcd: Add ehci_setup check before echi_shutdown
  usb: host: ehci-msm: Conditionally call ehci suspend/resume
  MAINTAINERS: Add file patterns for usb device tree bindings
  usb: host: ehci-tegra: Avoid getting the same reset twice
  usb: host: ehci-tegra: Grab the correct UTMI pads reset
  USB: mos7720: delete parport
  USB: OHCI: Don't mark EDs as ED_OPER if scheduling fails
  phy: ti-pipe3: Program the DPLL even if it was already locked
  usb: musb: Stop bulk endpoint while queue is rotated
  usb: musb: Ensure rx reinit occurs for shared_fifo endpoints
  usb: musb: host: correct cppi dma channel for isoch transfer
  usb: musb: only restore devctl when session was set in backup
  usb: phy: Check initial state for twl6030
  usb: musb: Use normal module_init for 2430 glue
  usb: musb: Remove pm_runtime_set_irq_safe
  usb: musb: Remove extra PM runtime calls from 2430 glue layer
  usb: musb: Return error value from musb_mailbox