Merge branch 'akpm' (patchbomb from Andrew Morton)

Merge incoming from Andrew Morton:
 - Various misc things.
 - arch/sh updates.
 - Part of ocfs2.  Review is slow.
 - Slab updates.
 - Most of -mm.
 - printk updates.
 - lib/ updates.
 - checkpatch updates.

* emailed patches from Andrew Morton <>: (226 commits)
  checkpatch: update $declaration_macros, add uninitialized_var
  checkpatch: warn on missing spaces in broken up quoted
  checkpatch: fix false positives for --strict "space after cast" test
  checkpatch: fix false positive MISSING_BREAK warnings with --file
  checkpatch: add test for native c90 types in unusual order
  checkpatch: add signed generic types
  checkpatch: add short int to c variable types
  checkpatch: add for_each tests to indentation and brace tests
  checkpatch: fix brace style misuses of else and while
  checkpatch: add --fix option for a couple OPEN_BRACE misuses
  checkpatch: use the correct indentation for which()
  checkpatch: add fix_insert_line and fix_delete_line helpers
  checkpatch: add ability to insert and delete lines to patch/file
  checkpatch: add an index variable for fixed lines
  checkpatch: warn on break after goto or return with same tab indentation
  checkpatch: emit a warning on file add/move/delete
  checkpatch: add test for commit id formatting style in commit log
  checkpatch: emit fewer kmalloc_array/kcalloc conversion warnings
  checkpatch: improve "no space after cast" test
  checkpatch: allow multiple const * types