Merge tag 'safesetid-5.10' of git://

Pull SafeSetID updates from Micah Morton:
 "The changes are mostly contained to within the SafeSetID LSM, with the
  exception of a few 1-line changes to change some ns_capable() calls to
  ns_capable_setid() -- causing a flag (CAP_OPT_INSETID) to be set that
  is examined by SafeSetID code and nothing else in the kernel.

  The changes to SafeSetID internally allow for setting up GID
  transition security policies, as already existed for UIDs"

* tag 'safesetid-5.10' of git://
  LSM: SafeSetID: Fix warnings reported by test bot
  LSM: SafeSetID: Add GID security policy handling
  LSM: Signal to SafeSetID when setting group IDs