Merge tag 'cxl-fixes-6.4-rc4' of git://

Pull compute express link fixes from Dan Williams:
 "The 'media ready' series prevents the driver from acting on bad
  capacity information, and it moves some checks earlier in the init
  sequence which impacts topics in the queue for 6.5.

  Additional hotplug testing uncovered a missing enable for memory
  decode. A debug crash fix is also included.


   - Stop trusting capacity data before the "media ready" indication

   - Add missing HDM decoder capability enable for the cold-plug case

   - Fix a debug message induced crash"

* tag 'cxl-fixes-6.4-rc4' of git://
  cxl: Explicitly initialize resources when media is not ready
  cxl/port: Fix NULL pointer access in devm_cxl_add_port()
  cxl: Move cxl_await_media_ready() to before capacity info retrieval
  cxl: Wait Memory_Info_Valid before access memory related info
  cxl/port: Enable the HDM decoder capability for switch ports