Merge tag 'block-6.4-2023-05-26' of git://

Pull block fixes from Jens Axboe:
 "A few fixes for the storage side of things:

   - Fix bio caching condition for passthrough IO (Anuj)

   - end-of-device check fix for zero sized devices (Christoph)

   - Update Paolo's email address

   - NVMe pull request via Keith with a single quirk addition

   - Fix regression in how wbt enablement is done (Yu)

   - Fix race in active queue accounting (Tian)"

* tag 'block-6.4-2023-05-26' of git://
  NVMe: Add MAXIO 1602 to bogus nid list.
  block: make bio_check_eod work for zero sized devices
  block: fix bio-cache for passthru IO
  block, bfq: update Paolo's address in maintainer list
  blk-mq: fix race condition in active queue accounting
  blk-wbt: fix that wbt can't be disabled by default