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menu "Companion Chips"
config HD6446X_SERIES
prompt "HD6446x options"
depends on HD6446X_SERIES
default HD64461
config HD64461
bool "Hitachi HD64461 companion chip support"
The Hitachi HD64461 provides an interface for
the SH7709 CPU, supporting a LCD controller,
CRT color controller, IrDA up to 4 Mbps, and a
PCMCIA controller supporting 2 slots.
More information is available at
Say Y if you want support for the HD64461.
Otherwise, say N.
# These will also be split into the Kconfig's below
config HD64461_IRQ
int "HD64461 IRQ"
depends on HD64461
default "36"
The default setting of the HD64461 IRQ is 36.
Do not change this unless you know what you are doing.
config HD64461_ENABLER
bool "HD64461 PCMCIA enabler"
depends on HD64461
Say Y here if you want to enable PCMCIA support
via the HD64461 companion chip.
Otherwise, say N.