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Dave writes:
  "Networking fixes:

  1) Fix truncation of 32-bit right shift in bpf, from Jann Horn.

  2) Fix memory leak in wireless wext compat, from Stefan Seyfried.

  3) Use after free in cfg80211's reg_process_hint(), from Yu Zhao.

  4) Need to cancel pending work when unbinding in smsc75xx otherwise
     we oops, also from Yu Zhao.

  5) Don't allow enslaving a team device to itself, from Ido Schimmel.

  6) Fix backwards compat with older userspace for rtnetlink FDB dumps.
     From Mauricio Faria.

  7) Add validation of tc policy netlink attributes, from David Ahern.

  8) Fix RCU locking in rawv6_send_hdrinc(), from Wei Wang."

* git:// (26 commits)
  net: mvpp2: Extract the correct ethtype from the skb for tx csum offload
  ipv6: take rcu lock in rawv6_send_hdrinc()
  net: sched: Add policy validation for tc attributes
  rtnetlink: fix rtnl_fdb_dump() for ndmsg header
  yam: fix a missing-check bug
  net: bpfilter: Fix type cast and pointer warnings
  net: cxgb3_main: fix a missing-check bug
  bpf: 32-bit RSH verification must truncate input before the ALU op
  net: phy: phylink: fix SFP interface autodetection
  be2net: don't flip hw_features when VXLANs are added/deleted
  net/packet: fix packet drop as of virtio gso
  net: dsa: b53: Keep CPU port as tagged in all VLANs
  openvswitch: load NAT helper
  bnxt_en: get the reduced max_irqs by the ones used by RDMA
  bnxt_en: free hwrm resources, if driver probe fails.
  bnxt_en: Fix enables field in HWRM_QUEUE_COS2BW_CFG request
  bnxt_en: Fix VNIC reservations on the PF.
  team: Forbid enslaving team device to itself
  net/usb: cancel pending work when unbinding smsc75xx
  mlxsw: spectrum: Delete RIF when VLAN device is removed