Merge tag 'mfd-for-linus-3.19' of git://

Pull MFD updates from Lee Jones:
 "Changes to the core:

  Changes to existing drivers:
   - IRQ additions/fixes; axp20x, da9063-core
   - Code simplification; i2c-dln2
   - Regmap additions/fixes; max77693
   - Error checking/handling improvements; dln2, db8500-prcmu
   - Bug fixes; dln2, wm8350-core
   - DT support/documentation; max77693, max77686, tps65217, twl4030-power,
   - Decouple syscon interface from platform devices
   - Use MFD hotplug registration; rtsx_usb, viperboard, hid-sensor-hub
   - Regulator fixups; sec-core
   - Power Management additions/fixes; rts5227, tc6393xb
   - Remove relic/redundant code; ab8500-sysctrl, lpc_sch, max77693-private
   - Clean-up/coding style changes; tps65090
   - Clk additions/fixes; tc6393xb, tc6387xb, t7l66xb
   - Add USB-SPI support; dln2
   - Trivial changes; max14577, arizona-spi, lpc_sch, wm8997-tables, wm5102-tables
                      wm5110-tables, axp20x, atmel-hlcdc, rtsx_pci

  New drivers/supported devices:
   - axp288 PMIC support added to axp20x
   - s2mps13 support added to sec-core
   - New support for Diolan DLN-2
   - New support for atmel-hlcdc"

* tag 'mfd-for-linus-3.19' of git:// (55 commits)
  mfd: rtsx: Add func to split u32 into register
  mfd: atmel-hlcdc: Add Kconfig option description and name
  mfd: da9063: Get irq base dynamically before registering device
  mfd: max14577: Fix obvious typo in company name in copyright
  mfd: axp20x: Constify axp20x_acpi_match and rid unused warning
  mfd: t7l66xb: prepare/unprepare clocks
  mfd: tc6387xb: prepare/unprepare clocks
  mfd: dln2: add support for USB-SPI module
  mfd: wm5110: Add missing registers for AIF2 channels 3-6
  mfd: tc3589x: get rid of static base
  mfd: arizona: Document HP_CTRL_1L and HP_CTRL_1R registers
  mfd: wm8997: Mark INTERRUPT_STATUS_2_MASK as readable
  mfd: tc6393xb: Prepare/unprepare clocks
  mfd: tps65090: Fix bonkers indenting strategy
  mfd: tc6393xb: Fail ohci suspend if full state restore is required
  mfd: lpc_sch: Don't call mfd_remove_devices()
  mfd: wm8350-core: Fix probable mask then right shift defect
  mfd: ab8500-sysctrl: Drop ab8500_restart
  mfd: db8500-prcmu: Provide sane error path values
  mfd: db8500-prcmu: Check return of devm_ioremap for error