Merge tag 'scsi-for-linus' of git://

Pull SCSI updates from James Bottomley:
 "This patch is the usual mix of driver updates (srp, ipr, scsi_debug,
  NCR5380, fnic, 53c974, ses, wd719x, hpsa, megaraid_sas).

  Of those, wd7a9x is new and 53c974 is a rewrite of the old tmscsim
  driver and the extensive work by Finn Thain rewrites all the NCR5380
  based drivers.

  There's also extensive infrastructure updates: a new logging
  infrastructure for sense information and a rewrite of the tagged
  command queue API and an assortment of minor updates"

* tag 'scsi-for-linus' of git:// (183 commits)
  scsi: set fmt to NULL scsi_extd_sense_format() by default
  libsas: remove task_collector mode
  wd719x: remove dma_cache_sync call
  scsi_debug: add Report supported opcodes+tmfs; Compare and write
  scsi_debug: change SCSI command parser to table driven
  scsi_debug: add Capacity Changed Unit Attention
  scsi_debug: append inject error flags onto scsi_cmnd object
  scsi_debug: pinpoint invalid field in sense data
  wd719x: Add firmware documentation
  wd719x: Introduce Western Digital WD7193/7197/7296 PCI SCSI card driver
  eeprom-93cx6: Add (read-only) support for 8-bit mode
  esas2r: fix an oversight in setting return value
  esas2r: fix an error path in esas2r_ioctl_handler
  esas2r: fir error handling in do_fm_api
  scsi: add SPC-3 command definitions
  scsi: remove scsi_driver owner field
  scsi: move scsi_dispatch_cmd to scsi_lib.c
  scsi: stop passing a gfp_mask argument down the command setup path
  scsi: remove scsi_next_command