Merge branch 'fixes' of git://

Pull ARM fixes from Russell King:
 "Fixes for ARM, the most notable being the fix from Nathan Lynch to fix
  the state of various registers during execve, to ensure that data
  can't be leaked between two executables.

  Fixes from Victor Kamensky for get_user() on big endian platforms,
  since the addition of 8-byte get_user() support broke these fairly

  A fix from Sudeep Holla for affinity setting when hotplugging CPU 0.

  A fix from Stephen Boyd for a perf-induced sleep attempt while atomic.

  Lastly, a correctness fix for emulation of the SWP instruction on
  ARMv7+, and a fix for wrong carry handling when updating the
  translation table base address on LPAE platforms"

* 'fixes' of git://
  ARM: 8149/1: perf: Don't sleep while atomic when enabling per-cpu interrupts
  ARM: 8148/1: flush TLS and thumbee register state during exec
  ARM: 8151/1: add missing exports for asm functions required by get_user macro
  ARM: 8137/1: fix get_user BE behavior for target variable with size of 8 bytes
  ARM: 8135/1: Fix in-correct barrier usage in SWP{B} emulation
  ARM: 8133/1: use irq_set_affinity with force=false when migrating irqs
  ARM: 8132/1: LPAE: drop wrong carry flag correction after adding TTBR1_OFFSET