Merge branch 'akpm' (incoming from Andrew Morton)

Merge fixes from Andrew Morton:
 "A bunch of fixes and one simple fbdev driver which missed the merge
  window because people will still talking about it (to no great

* emailed patches from Andrew Morton <>: (30 commits)
  aio: fix kioctx not being freed after cancellation at exit time
  mm/pagewalk.c: walk_page_range should avoid VM_PFNMAP areas
  drivers/rtc/rtc-max8998.c: check for pdata presence before dereferencing
  ocfs2: goto out_unlock if ocfs2_get_clusters_nocache() failed in ocfs2_fiemap()
  random: fix accounting race condition with lockless irq entropy_count update
  drivers/char/random.c: fix priming of last_data
  mm/memory_hotplug.c: fix printk format warnings
  nilfs2: fix issue of nilfs_set_page_dirty() for page at EOF boundary
  drivers/block/brd.c: fix brd_lookup_page() race
  fbdev: FB_GOLDFISH should depend on HAS_DMA
  drivers/rtc/rtc-pl031.c: pass correct pointer to free_irq()
  auditfilter.c: fix kernel-doc warnings
  aio: fix io_getevents documentation
  revert "selftest: add simple test for soft-dirty bit"
  drivers/leds/leds-ot200.c: fix error caused by shifted mask
  mm/THP: use pmd_populate() to update the pmd with pgtable_t pointer
  linux/kernel.h: fix kernel-doc warning
  mm compaction: fix of improper cache flush in migration code
  rapidio/tsi721: fix bug in MSI interrupt handling
  hfs: avoid crash in hfs_bnode_create