Merge tag 'cxl-for-6.10' of git://

Pull CXL updates from Dave Jiang:

 - Three CXL mailbox passthrough commands are added to support the
   populating and clearing of vendor debug logs:
     - Get Log Capabilities
     - Get Supported Log Sub-List Commands
     - Clear Log

 - Add support of Device Phyiscal Address (DPA) to Host Physical Address
   (HPA) translation for CXL events of cxl_dram and cxl_general media.

   This allows user space to figure out which CXL region the event
   occured via trace event.

 - Connect CXL to CPER reporting.

   If a device is configured for firmware first, CXL event records are
   not sent directly to the host. Those records are reported through EFI
   Common Platform Error Records (CPER). Add support to route the CPER
   records through the CXL sub-system in order to provide DPA to HPA
   translation and also event decoding and tracing. This is useful for
   users to determine which system issues may correspond to specific
   hardware events.

 - A number of misc cleanups and fixes:
     - Fix for compile warning of cxl_security_ops
     - Add debug message for invalid interleave granularity
     - Enhancement to cxl-test event testing
     - Add dev_warn() on unsupported mixed mode decoder
     - Fix use of phys_to_target_node() for x86
     - Use helper function for decoder enum instead of open coding
     - Include missing headers for cxl-event
     - Fix MAINTAINERS file entry
     - Fix cxlr_pmem memory leak
     - Cleanup __cxl_parse_cfmws via scope-based resource menagement
     - Convert cxl_pmem_region_alloc() to scope-based resource management

* tag 'cxl-for-6.10' of git:// (21 commits)
  cxl/cper: Remove duplicated GUID defines
  cxl/cper: Fix non-ACPI-APEI-GHES build
  cxl/pci: Process CPER events
  acpi/ghes: Process CXL Component Events
  cxl/region: Convert cxl_pmem_region_alloc to scope-based resource management
  cxl/acpi: Cleanup __cxl_parse_cfmws()
  cxl/region: Fix cxlr_pmem leaks
  cxl/core: Add region info to cxl_general_media and cxl_dram events
  cxl/region: Move cxl_trace_hpa() work to the region driver
  cxl/region: Move cxl_dpa_to_region() work to the region driver
  cxl/trace: Correct DPA field masks for general_media & dram events
  cxl/cxl-event: include missing <linux/types.h> and <linux/uuid.h>
  cxl/hdm: Debug, use decoder name function
  cxl: Fix use of phys_to_target_node() for x86
  cxl/hdm: dev_warn() on unsupported mixed mode decoder
  cxl/test: Enhance event testing
  cxl/hdm: Add debug message for invalid interleave granularity
  cxl: Fix compile warning for cxl_security_ops extern
  cxl/mbox: Add Clear Log mailbox command