Merge tag 'wq-for-6.10' of git://

Pull workqueue updates from Tejun Heo:

 - Work items can now be disabled and enabled, and cancel_work_sync()
   and disable_work() can be called form atomic contexts for BH work

   This closes feature gap with tasklet and should allow converting all
   existing tasklet users to BH workqueues.

 - Improve pool sharing for unbound workqueues with strict affinity.

 - Misc changes including doc updates, improved debug annotations and

* tag 'wq-for-6.10' of git://
  workqueue: Use "@..." in function comment to describe variable length argument
  workqueue: Add destroy_work_on_stack() in workqueue_softirq_dead()
  workqueue: remove unnecessary import and function in
  workqueue: Introduce enable_and_queue_work() convenience function
  workqueue: add function in event of workqueue_activate_work
  workqueue: Cleanup subsys attribute registration
  workqueue: Use list_last_entry() to get the last idle worker
  workqueue: Move attrs->cpumask out of worker_pool's properties when attrs->affn_strict
  workqueue: Use INIT_WORK_ONSTACK in workqueue_softirq_dead()
  workqueue: Allow cancel_work_sync() and disable_work() from atomic contexts on BH work items
  workqueue: Remember whether a work item was on a BH workqueue
  workqueue: Remove WORK_OFFQ_CANCELING
  workqueue: Implement disable/enable for (delayed) work items
  workqueue: Preserve OFFQ bits in cancel[_sync] paths