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Pull powerpc updates from Ben Herrenschmidt:
 "Here is some powerpc goodness for -rc2.  Arguably -rc1 material more
  than -rc2 but I was travelling (again !)

  It's mostly bug fixes including regressions, but there are a couple of
  new things that I decided to drop-in.

  One is a straightforward patch from Michael to add a bunch of P8 cache
  events to perf.

  The other one is a patch by myself to add the direct DMA (iommu
  bypass) for PCIe on Power8 for 64-bit capable devices.  This has been
  around for a while, I had lost track of it.  However it's been in our
  internal kernels we use for testing P8 already and it affects only P8
  related code.  Since P8 is still unreleased the risk is pretty much
  nil at this point"

* 'merge' of git://
  powerpc/powernv: Add iommu DMA bypass support for IODA2
  powerpc: Fix endian issues in kexec and crash dump code
  powerpc/ppc32: Fix the bug in the init of non-base exception stack for UP
  powerpc/xmon: Don't signal we've entered until we're finished printing
  powerpc/xmon: Fix timeout loop in get_output_lock()
  powerpc/xmon: Don't loop forever in get_output_lock()
  powerpc/perf: Configure BHRB filter before enabling PMU interrupts
  crypto/nx/nx-842: Fix handling of vmalloc addresses
  powerpc/pseries: Select ARCH_RANDOM on pseries
  powerpc/perf: Add Power8 cache & TLB events
  powerpc/relocate fix relocate processing in LE mode
  powerpc: Fix kdump hang issue on p8 with relocation on exception enabled.
  powerpc/pseries: Disable relocation on exception while going down during crash.
  powerpc/eeh: Drop taken reference to driver on eeh_rmv_device
  powerpc: Fix build failure in sysdev/mpic.c for MPIC_WEIRD=y