Merge tag 'staging-4.9-rc1' of git://

Pull staging and IIO updates from Greg KH:
 "Here is the big staging and IIO driver pull request for 4.9-rc1.

  There are a lot of patches in here, the majority due to the
  drivers/staging/greybus/ subsystem being merged in with full
  development history that went back a few years, in order to preserve
  the work that those developers did over time.

  Lots and lots of tiny cleanups happened in the tree as well, due to
  the Outreachy application process and lots of other developers showing
  up for the first time to clean code up.  Along with those changes, we
  deleted a wireless driver, and added a raspberrypi driver (currently
  marked broken), and lots of new iio drivers.

  Overall the tree still shrunk with more lines removed than added,
  about 10 thousand lines removed in total. Full details are in the very
  long shortlog below.

  All of this has been in the linux-next tree with no issues. There will
  be some merge problems with other subsystem trees, but those are all
  minor problems and shouldn't be hard to work out when they happen
  (MAINTAINERS and some lustre build problems with the IB tree)"

And furter from me asking for clarification about greybus:
 "Right now there is a phone from Motorola shipping with this code (a
  slightly older version, but the same tree), so even though Ara is not
  alive in the same form, the functionality is happening. We are working
  with the developers of that phone to merge the newer stuff in with
  their fork so they can use the upstream version in future versions of
  their phone product line.

  Toshiba has at least one chip shipping in their catalog that
  needs/uses this protocol over a Unipro link, and rumor has it that
  there might be more in the future.

  There are also other users of the greybus protocols, there is a talk
  next week at ELC that shows how it is being used across a network
  connection to control a device, and previous ELC talks have showed the
  protocol stack being used over USB to drive embedded Linux boards.
  I've also talked to some people who are starting to work to add a host
  controller driver to control arduinos as the greybus PHY protocols are
  very useful to control a serial/i2c/spio/whatever device across a
  random physical link, as it is a way to have a self-describing device
  be attached to a host without needing manual configuration.

  So yes, people are using it, and there is still the chance that it
  will show up in a phone/laptop/tablet/whatever from Google in the
  future as well, the tech isn't dead, even if the original large phone
  project happens to be"

* tag 'staging-4.9-rc1' of git:// (3703 commits)
  Staging: fbtft: Fix bug in fbtft-core
  staging: rtl8188eu: fix double unlock error in rtw_resume_process()
  staging:r8188eu: remove GEN_MLME_EXT_HANDLER macro
  staging:r8188eu: remove GEN_DRV_CMD_HANDLER macro
  staging:r8188eu: remove GEN_EVT_CODE macro
  staging:r8188eu: remove GEN_CMD_CODE macro
  staging:r8188eu: remove pkt_newalloc member of the recv_buf structure
  staging:r8188eu: remove rtw_handle_dualmac declaration
  staging:r8188eu: remove (RGTRY|BSSID)_(OFT|SZ) macros
  staging:r8188eu: change rtl8188e_process_phy_info function argument type
  Staging: fsl-mc: Remove blank lines
  Staging: fsl-mc: Fix unaligned * in block comments
  Staging: comedi: Align the * in block comments
  Staging : ks7010 : Fix block comments warninig
  Staging: vt6655: Remove explicit NULL comparison using Coccinelle
  staging: rtl8188eu: core: rtw_xmit: Use macros instead of constants
  staging: rtl8188eu: core: rtw_xmit: Move constant of the right side
  staging: dgnc: Fix lines longer than 80 characters
  Staging: dgnc: constify attribute_group structures
  Staging: most: hdm-dim2: constify attribute_group structures