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Pull Xtensa updates from Max Filippov:
 "Updates for the xtensa architecture.  It is a combined set of patches
  for 4.8 that never got to the mainline and new patches for 4.9.

   - add new kernel memory layouts for MMUv3 cores: with 256MB and 512MB
     KSEG size, starting at physical address other than 0

   - make kernel load address configurable

   - clean up kernel memory layout macros

   - drop sysmem early allocator and switch to memblock

   - enable kmemleak and memory reservation from the device tree

   - wire up new syscalls: userfaultfd, membarrier, mlock2,
     copy_file_range, preadv2 and pwritev2

   - add new platform: Cadence Configurable System Platform (CSP) and
     new core variant for it: xt_lnx

   - rearrange CCOUNT calibration code, make most of it generic

   - improve machine reset code (XTFPGA now reboots reliably with MMUv3

   - provide default memmap command line option for configurations
     without device tree support

   - ISS fixes: simdisk is now capable of using highmem pages, panic
     correctly terminates simulator"

* tag 'xtensa-20161005' of git:// (24 commits)
  xtensa: disable MMU initialization option on MMUv2 cores
  xtensa: add default memmap and mmio32native options to defconfigs
  xtensa: add default memmap option to common_defconfig
  xtensa: add default memmap option to iss_defconfig
  xtensa: ISS: allow simdisk to use high memory buffers
  xtensa: ISS: define simc_exit and use it instead of inline asm
  xtensa: xtfpga: group platform_* functions together
  xtensa: rearrange CCOUNT calibration
  xtensa: xtfpga: use clock provider, don't update DT
  xtensa: Tweak xuartps UART driver Rx watermark for Cadence CSP config.
  xtensa: initialize MMU before jumping to reset vector
  xtensa: fix icountlevel setting in cpu_reset
  xtensa: extract common CPU reset code into separate function
  xtensa: Added Cadence CSP kernel configuration for Xtensa
  xtensa: fix default kernel load address
  xtensa: wire up new syscalls
  xtensa: support reserved-memory DT node
  xtensa: drop sysmem and switch to memblock
  xtensa: minimize use of PLATFORM_DEFAULT_MEM_{ADDR,SIZE}
  xtensa: cleanup MMU setup and kernel layout macros