Merge tag 'dm-3.14-fixes-1' of git://

Pull device mapper fixes from Mike Snitzer:
 "A few dm-cache fixes, an invalid ioctl handling fix for dm multipath,
  a couple immutable biovec fixups for dm mirror, and a few dm-thin

  There will likely be additional dm-thin metadata and data resize fixes
  to include in 3.14-rc6 next week.

  Note to stable-minded folks: Immutable biovecs were introduced in
  3.14, so the related fixups for dm mirror are not needed in stable@

* tag 'dm-3.14-fixes-1' of git://
  dm cache: fix truncation bug when mapping I/O to >2TB fast device
  dm thin: allow metadata space larger than supported to go unused
  dm mpath: fix stalls when handling invalid ioctls
  dm thin: fix the error path for the thin device constructor
  dm raid1: fix immutable biovec related BUG when retrying read bio
  dm io: fix I/O to multiple destinations
  dm thin: avoid metadata commit if a pool's thin devices haven't changed
  dm cache: do not add migration to completed list before unhooking bio
  dm cache: move hook_info into common portion of per_bio_data structure