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The TODO list before 1.0:
- more regression tests
- stg help should probably pipe through the $PAGER
- fix StGIT to run correctly in subdirectories
- use a separate index for some commands (refresh, fold etc.) so that
files already added/removed are not automatically checked in
- debian package support
- man page
- document the workflow on the StGIT wiki
- maybe a separate undo command rather than passing a --undo option to
push and refresh
- use same configuration file as GIT
- release 1.0
The future, when time allows or if someone else does them:
- patch dependency tracking
- multiple heads in a patch - useful for forking a patch,
synchronising with other patches (diff format or in other
- commit directly to a patch which is not top
- patch synchronisation between between branches (as some people,
including me have the same patches based on different branches and
they have scripts for moving the changes in one to the others)
- numeric shortcuts for naming patches near top (eg. +1, -2)
- (config?) parameter for number of patches included by "series -s"