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#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys, glob, os
from distutils.core import setup
from stgit.version import version, git_min_ver, python_min_ver
from import Run
def __version_to_list(version):
"""Convert a version string to a list of numbers or strings
ver_list = []
for p in version.split('.'):
n = int(p)
except ValueError:
n = p
return ver_list
def __check_min_version(min_ver, ver):
"""Check whether ver is greater or equal to min_ver
min_ver_list = __version_to_list(min_ver)
ver_list = __version_to_list(ver)
return min_ver_list <= ver_list
def __check_python_version():
"""Check the minimum Python version
pyver = '.'.join(str(n) for n in sys.version_info)
if not __check_min_version(python_min_ver, pyver):
print >> sys.stderr, 'Python version %s or newer required. Found %s' \
% (python_min_ver, pyver)
def __check_git_version():
"""Check the minimum GIT version
gitver = Run('git', '--version').output_one_line().split()[2]
if not __check_min_version(git_min_ver, gitver):
print >> sys.stderr, 'GIT version %s or newer required. Found %s' \
% (git_min_ver, gitver)
# Check the minimum versions required
if sys.argv[1] in ['install', 'build']:
# ensure readable template files
old_mask = os.umask(0022)
setup(name = 'stgit',
version = version,
license = 'GPLv2',
author = 'Catalin Marinas',
author_email = '',
url = '',
description = 'Stacked GIT',
long_description = 'Push/pop utility on top of GIT',
scripts = ['stg'],
packages = ['stgit', 'stgit.commands'],
data_files = [('share/stgit/templates', glob.glob('templates/*.tmpl')),
('share/stgit/examples', glob.glob('examples/*.tmpl')),
('share/stgit/examples', ['examples/gitconfig']),
('share/stgit/contrib', ['contrib/',
('share/doc/stgit', glob.glob('doc/*.txt'))]
# restore the old mask