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Yann Dirson <>
v0.13, March 2007
stg-cp - stgdesc:cp[]
'stg' cp [OPTIONS] <file|dir> <newname>
'stg' cp [OPTIONS] <files|dirs...> <dir>
Make git-controlled copies of git-controlled files. The copies are
added to the Git index, so you can add them to a patch with
In the first form, copy a single file or a single directory, with a
new name. The parent directory of <newname> must already exist;
<newname> itself must not already exist, or the command will be
interpreted as one of the second form.
In the second form, copy one or several files and/or directories, into
an existing directory.
Directories are copied recursively. Only the git-controlled files
under the named directories are copied and added to the index. Any
file not known to Git will not be copied.
This command does not allow yet to overwrite an existing file (whether
it could be recovered from Git or not). Further more, when copying a
directory, the second form does not allow to proceed if a directory by
that name already exists inside the target, even when no file inside
that directory would be overwritten.
No options are supported yet. The following options may be
implemented in the future.
Also copy files not known to Git when copying a directory.
Force overwriting of target files, even if overwritten files
have non-committed changes or are not known to Git.
Show which files would be added, and which would be modified
if --force would be added.
Part of the StGIT suite - see gitlink:stg[1].